‘A situation in which a person is in a position to derive personal benefit from actions or decisions made in their official capacity.’

At Vantage Leasing we are committed to providing impeccable customer services which includes being open and honest about transactions which are made. A conflict of interest may create an unfair competitive advantage which may cause a potential detriment for the Client. The Company must take ‘take reasonable steps to satisfy itself that a product it wishes to recommend to a customer is not unsuitable for the customer’s needs and circumstances.’

Our Company’s Conflict of Interest Policy is to disclose links with any group or organisation to our Clients that could possibly be seen to have a detrimental effect on our Clients.

Relationships which may provide a conflict of interest could apply to (although not exclusive to):

1) The Finance Provider 2) The Supplying Dealership 3) The circumstances were two or more customers are applying for the same vehicle

We ensure there are regular reviews into the operations with regards to the terms of our business to ensure there are no conflicts of interest. All Company Staff are fully trained on the BVRLA’s Code of Conduct.