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Range Rover Evoque Leasing

Evoque Leasing with Vantage

We are one of only a few Range Rover leasing companies to have agreed discounts in place with two major dealership groups with access to an unparalleled range of funders meaning we can get the best price for each model and contract length. The savings we make are passed onto you making us confident that you won’t find a better Evoque personal leasing deals on the market.

We Hold Our Own Range Rover Evoque Stock & Build Slots

We hold our own Range Rover Evoque stock and dedicated build slots meaning we can get the specification of Evoque you want quicker, that’s if we don’t already have it in stock. This also means you get the desired specification without paying for anything you don’t want.

Please contact one of our Range Rover leasing consultants to discuss your next Range Rover Evoque in more detail.

If you are considering Range Rover Evoque lease, take a look at Vantage Leasing’s Range Rover Evoque Review, an impartial guide that will help you to decide if leasing a Range Rover Evoque is the right choice for you.

The Evoque Beginnings

The Evoque started life as a concept car with Land Rover aiming to assuage worries that all of their models were environmentally unfriendly. While it has delivered on a lot of things, the jury is still out on whether Land Rover have actually achieved this, as a constant niggle from owners has been that fuel consumption doesn’t match what was promised – although since launch they have taken continued steps to improve these figures. The smallest diesel model will give you over 50mpg but its petrol cousin will struggle to hold onto the low 30s. However, as the sales figures show, this doesn’t seem to worry too many people and Land Rover’s hold on this particular section of the market looks set to continue well into the future.

Driving The Evoque

This is where the Evoque comes into its own. Land Rover have shed the sea boat image associated with the Range Rovers of old and delivered a machine that not only handles corners, it devours them. The MagneRide magnetic dampers that are fitted as standard do an outstanding job of stabilising the car through corners, even on windy country roads, almost eliminating the body roll that used to haunt ‘Rangie’ owners in the past.

The Evoque’s six-speed manual is a quality gearbox but most SUV drivers will prefer to opt for the automatic transmission – as of 2015 this is available in 6 or 9 speed – and thankfully, it doesn’t disappoint. Its gear change is phenomenally quick, which will help to keep fuel consumption down, but it’s from a standing start where this gearbox really impresses. The pull away is so smooth that you can’t help but smile when you first experience it. This is especially true if you have driven some of the competitors’ efforts where you are thrown back into the seat before being launched forward again every time that you pull away at the lights.

The Evoque is not a machine to thrash around in – it’s too refined for that. The steering is light and easy, making for a relaxing ride that almost negates any urge to belt around in it anyway. The only real issue with the model is its visibility. While the front windscreen offers all that it should, the side and rear views are not great, making reversing a harder task than it should be. That said, it is something that you quickly get used to and the standard fitted parking sensors help out immensely.

The celebrated terrain response system helps you handle the car in all situations by automatically adjusting several aspects of the car’s handling in certain conditions. Grass, gravel, snow, sand were the four original settings, with sport and eco modes being added in later models.

Range Rover Evoque Fuel economy

As we have already briefly touched upon, the discrepancy between the published figures and the ones that owners are finding in actuality is quite a concern. That said, these problems were far more prevalent in the earlier Evoque models. Land Rover seems to have listened to, and addressed, drivers’ complaints with the latest models giving far better results than their predecessors. Obviously, book figures are still not exactly what you will get when you come to drive your own Evoque, they never do regardless of the car, but the size of the variation has been reduced.

The two-wheel-drive TD4 diesel is the most efficient of the bunch with a stated combined 57.7mpg which is similar to other cars in its class. The SD4 diesel with four-wheel-drive is far hungrier and despite the official figures stating that you can expect just below 50mpg the reality is that you will probably find it difficult to maintain levels of 40mpg around town. The 2.0 litre petrol model should only be available to those who have passed a credit check to ensure that they can keep up with the regular visits to the petrol station as it is very thirsty indeed.

A new 150bhp 2.0 litre diesel engine, dubbed ‘Ingenium’, refreshed the Evoque in 2015. It offered better fuel economy and emissions figures, and led to the vehicle’s road tax dropping to just £20 a year (for the Coupé).

Evoque Equipment

All trim-levels come with an impressive array of goodies including climate control, heated leather seats, a touchscreen infotainment system, Bluetooth kit and 18” alloys. Probably the pick of the gadgetry goes to the audio delights included at all levels. A whopping 11 speakers make up the Meridian sound system and they deliver a punchy level of performance that will have even the most hardened audiophile nodding their head in appreciation.

The HSE Dynamic range gives a sportier feel to the vehicle, offering 20-inch wheels, side skirts and a rear spoiler, while the Autobiography gives off a far more luxurious air with its opulent cabin finishes. Of course, other options are available, including the wonderful panoramic glass roof which brightens up the cabin and gives the passengers a greater feeling of space: check out the ‘models’ tab for more information on each trim level.

When it comes to leasing your Range Rover Evoque, Vantage Leasing will be able to get the exact variant you require with our unique access to two major dealership groups and range of funders. Whatever your Evoque Range Rover leasing needs are, Vantage can and will help.

Range Rover Evoque Reliability

Reliability was once a touchy subject for many Land Rover owners, but it seems that the Evoque is finally starting to improve the British manufacturers’ image. Since its launch in 2011 it has consistently moved up in the rankings of customer satisfaction surveys and its three year unlimited mileage warranty is not to be sniffed at either. There’s no doubt that Land Rover have taken their previously poor record in this department and made a concerted effort to improve it.


While the Evoque is considered to be the baby of the Range Rover bunch it certainly cannot be thought of as small. At nearly five metres in length and two metres high it is still a whopper, so the interior is more than capable of comfortably seating four adult passengers. If you are going to be regularly transporting a few six-footers it may be prudent to go for the five-door version rather than the coupe as access to the back seats is not easy.

Boot space is adequate but not impressive. Disappointingly the rear seats do not fold flat either, which restricts the ability to load more luggage into the car should it be required. However, it should be said that this car isn’t designed to be the old carthorse that Range Rovers used to be and a Louis Vuitton bag will fit just fine in the back.


Following the trend of all modern cars, the Evoque has a good range of safety features which keep it competitive in this category. Airbags are fitted to not only the front, side and windows, but also to the underside of the steering column, offering protection to the driver’s knees in the event of an accident. The independent crash test programme, Euro NCAP, rated the Evoque as a five star vehicle overall, as did the Australasian New Car Assessment Program, where it scored 32.49 / 37 (a 5 star rating).

Further enhancements can be made to the safety of the vehicle by way of add-ons such as blind spot monitoring, advanced braking systems and adaptive headlights.

Range Rover Evoque Summary

Overall, the Range Rover Evoque is fantastic vehicle. Despite one or two minor niggles, such as the fuel consumption and the visibility when parking, the Evoque is an extremely good car and one that you should give serious consideration to if you are in the market for leasing an SUV. A quick glance at the sales figures will tell you all that you need to know – even if you haven’t seen the car itself – which is, in our opinion, far and away the best looking SUV on the market.

So if our Range Rover Evoque review has helped make up your mind that leasing an Evoque is for you, head on over to our Range Rover Evoque Lease page to see all the Evoque leasing deals we have on offer.

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