What is Van leasing?

What is Van leasing?

So we do cars, but what do we offer when it comes to Vans?

Well, its simple really. Our philosophy to streamline the process for all of our customers. Whether you are a tradesman looking for a work horse van, or a Construction Executive looking for a fleet of Vans, we offer any type of support to take the stress away from finding a van.

The pros are simple... with van leasing, you get to enjoy a new van every few years, without the need to save up for a big deposit. If you would like an all encompassing package, you can take up one of our maintenance packages.

You'll also find that when you come down to analysing the life costs of buying a van versus leasing, you'll quickly realise that leasing is a far more cost effective solution. While you will not own the van, Vantage Leasing does not charge any admin fees and with leasing in general, there are no APR charges or monthly interest. With Leasing, you are essentially paying for the depreciation of the vehicle, which means you are handling your finances as cost effectively as possible.

As mentioned, our business mantra is to keep our processes as seamless and effective as possible. We understand that as business men, finding the time to look for a van can be tough and, more often than not, purchases can often get rushed into, leading to the inevitable feelings of regret.

Our process is simple,

  1. Chose a van or provide us with a specification for you vehicle.
  2. Provide us with your financial details, along with an idea of a budget
  3. Receive a date of delivery once you have signed our finance documentation
  4. Drive and enjoy the van
  5. Return your van and restart the process with a brand new van.

If you have any questions about how leasing works, or you would prefer to talk to an adviser, call us on 0161 434 4321.

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