About Us

About Us

Our History

Established in 2008 in Manchester, Vantage Leasing is passionate about providing a quality service to both individuals and companies with new vehicle leasing requirements.

The business started out with just 1 person, founder Rob Walker in 2010 our first employee was recruited and in 2013 the business moved to larger, dedicated offices in Withington, Manchester.

Over the next 2 years we rapidly grew and in 2014 opened a used car dealership to enhance the customer experience by offering a part exchange facility on all new leased vehicles.

Today, we are recognised as one of the forerunners in the prestige vehicle leasing industry.

In 2015 we moved to even larger offices at Stafford Court in Sale to allow us to grow organically without worrying about running out of space as the business grows.

Who We Are

We are 16 people across 2 locations, 7 office based in Manchester and 9 based in our dealership.

The youngest member of our team is a 16 apprentice (we are a keen advocate of the Government's Apprentice scheme and have 3 at the moment) and our eldest staff member is 54 (a time tested and experienced mechanical engineer with 35 years’ experience).

Both locations are overseen by Rob Walker, the director with an experienced management structure to support the team.

In 2014, we delivered more Range Rover’s to customers than some franchised dealerships did in the same period. We have achieved this by working closely with a number of UK dealer groups to provide an unrivalled service to our clients across key vehicle manufacturers.

Over the years we have nurtured and built a client-focused culture because we believe that without them we would not be able to retain our competitive advantage. This client focused foundation is based on a very simple idea, the more true value we can offer to our clients – the more true value is achieved by the business. By taking a desirable product and service and turning it into a memorable experience and solution is how we stand out from the crowd.

Meet The Team - Staff Profiles

Rob Walker - Managing Director

About Us

Rob started out his career as an administration assistant for BMW Finance and over the years moved into credit management positions within GE Capital, Bank of Scotland and finally the director of Credit for Lex Autolease before deciding the time was right to start Vantage Leasing. Rob still adopts a hands-on approach to the business and regularly works with the account management team on the more complicated or unusual client requirements.

Lucy Bradley - Financial Controller

About Us

Lucy holds all the purse strings in the business and can often be found hiding under a pile of invoices and spreadsheets. She has held key positions in various businesses within the finance industry and has a knack to track forensically any money spent by Rob within the business.

James Buttrick - Digital Marketing Manager

About Us

James has been working in the digital marketing industry for 8 years across a variety of different industries, but landed a position with us at Vantage because of his interest in cars. As a self-confessed petrol-head, James spends the majority of his weekends washing his car and inspecting it for scratches.

Daniel Knowles - Sales Operations Manager

About Us

As Sales and Operations Manager, Daniel not only brings an established sales background, but he also possesses strong legal knowledge that helps bolster our customer service experience. Having also worked in the real estate business is demonstrating strong customer service skills without any of the estate agent ‘swagger’.

Deklon Lowe - Senior Consultant

About Us

Deklon recently celebrated 3 years at Vantage and previously worked in the electrical component supply industry and hospitality industry. He is our resident vehicle finder and has the ability to turn up rare vehicles for immediate supply to our clients. If he can’t find it then it probably doesn’t exist.

John Livesley - Senior Consultant

About Us

Brimming with northern charm, John is one of our most experienced Account Managers, despite only joining the team in 2018. John is an excellent negotiator, which allows him to achieve excellent discounts on behalf of the client. Couple that with his outstanding car knowledge, it's easy to understand why so many of his clients drive away happy.

Matt Cornes - Senior Consultant

About Us

Having just celebrated 14 years experience in the motoring trade, its easy to see how Matt's likeable friendly character has made him a success in the industry as well as in his family life. As a proud dad, Matt's keenness to bestow his life's wisdom on his fellow colleagues is a common occurrence in our Manchester office. He'll also tell you he's a keen mountain climber.

Adam Bracegirdle - Senior Consultant

About Us

Adam is a car-nut with a particular fascination for all things fast. Dedicating countless weekends to the race track, Adam is able to marry his passion for cars with over 4 years leasing experience.

Wendy Needham - Administrator

About Us

As a constant source of entertainment, Wendy's character is renowned in our Manchester Office. Wendy prides herself on her organisation skills and undeterred enthusiasm to follow our processes. You can be rest assured that should your admin be handled by Wendy, it'll all be in order.

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