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Jaguar Land Rover Set to Deal with Insurance Issue

Feb 05, 2024
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We all know that insurance costs have skyrocketed recently, affecting various areas and industries. In particular, luxurious Range Rover cars have experienced significant increases in insurance premiums after Tracker published that the top three most stolen and recovered cars in 2022 were the Range Rover Sport, Range ROver Autobiography and the Range Rover Vogue. Thefts that have led to some insurance providers refusing coverage.

JLR re-introduce their insurance proposal after a rise in Range Rover robberies

In the UK, the Range Rover Sport is one of the most frequently stolen and recovered cars. According to Tracker's 2022 report, car thieves are particularly drawn to hybrid vehicles at the moment.

Head of Police Liaison at Tracker, Clive Wain, stated: “As the U.K. accelerates towards its ambition of achieving zero emissions, so too has the take up of hybrid and electric vehicles by private and company car drivers. And with increasing demand comes a greater risk of these vehicles being targeted by thieves''

“An ongoing lack of parts for new car manufacturing – primarily microchips – has boosted demand in the second-hand car market and in turn, created an opportunity professional criminals have been quick to take advantage of.”

In response to the rise in Range Rover robberies, JLR has re-introduced their in-house insurance offering.

With the hopes of assisting clients dealing with significant increases in their insurance premiums, JLR has re-introduced their in-house insurance offering. Since its launch in October, Land Rover Insurance has provided more than 4,000 clients with JLR insurance plans. The best part? The average monthly premium is below £200!

A spokesperson at JLR said: “Customers of luxury cars and other luxury goods are experiencing an increase in thefts due to organised criminal activity in the UK. The desirability of our luxury vehicles, coupled with concerns around thefts, has recently led to challenges in obtaining insurance cover for some clients. We are fully committed to doing everything we can to address this by adopting a multifaceted approach: from our significant investment in vehicle security, to now providing our own insurance.”

”While our new insurance proposition is a key milestone, we want to reassure clients that we will continue monitoring and refining our service so that even more clients can take advantage of it.”

The Range Rover cover is a fully comprehensive insurance policy that offers peace of mind to its customers. The policy guarantees the use of genuine parts for repairs carried out at a JLR authorised body shop. Additionally, the fixed price is guaranteed for a period of 12 months, and customers can make changes or cancel their policy without incurring any fees. The policy is designed to be flexible and does not require any deposit or incur any interest charges.

Jaguar Land Rover Set to Deal with Insurance Issue

We’re here to help if you have any questions?

Our Findings On the Reported Issue

  • Exceptionally low theft rates for Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Defender Models. Since their launch, less than one in a thousand of these new vehicles have been stolen, and none have been stolen using keyless theft methods.

  • If a car is left unlocked and a thief gains access, new vehicles are equipped with additional security measures to prevent key cloning. The Body Control Module 'BCM' hack is now fixed, making it even more secure against theft.

  • Thanks to UWB key technology, "relay attacks" have become a thing of the past since 2018. This means that criminals can no longer gain access to vehicles equipped with this technology. In fact, there hasn't been a single reported case of car theft via keyless methods since UWB was implemented. As a result, there's no need to use Faraday pouches if UWB technology is being used.

  • It's a common misunderstanding that 'keyless' refers to remote locking – in fact, it's an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of theft methods. We don't advise our clients to disable passive entry or remote locking features, as this won't enhance their security. Instead, if their cars have UWB, they are already protected from relay attacks, so by disabling these features, they would only be sacrificing convenience.

Lock Your Car Securely with These Simple Steps

To deadlock your car, simply double-click the key fob. Be sure to check the fob for graphics to identify which features are available to you. White graphics indicate convenience features such as single lock/unlock and boot opening while red graphics signify security features like hazard warning and deadlock.

JLR Invests £10m to Enhance Car Security

JLR has allocated £10m to enhance the security of its vehicles. According to the company, since January 2022, only 0.07% of new Range Rover and Range Rover Sports have been stolen while just 0.3% of new Defenders have been stolen since 2020.

Don't worry if you own an older Range Rover though. The newest security technology can be implemented on previous generation vehicles, even if they are no longer under warranty. A free update of the BCM fix that has been created for new cars will be rolled out in stages for cars produced between 2018-2022. This means that they can enjoy the same level of protection as newer models. According to JLR, updates have already been installed on more than 65,000 vehicles in the UK, resulting in a 40% decrease in thefts of 2018-2022 Range Rover and Sport models.

Is A Range Rover Sport Lease Right For You?

Now that you have peace of mind around obtaining car insurance, when it comes to driving a Range Rover Sport. Here are some advantages of leasing a Range Rover over buying one:

  • Lower fixed monthly payments: Buying a new car in cash can take a heavy hit on your bank balance, or you could end up repaying a high APR for a cash loan. Leasing a Range Rover gives you access to the latest premium Sport model with fixed lower monthly payments spread across your leasing period. Here at Vantage Leasing we can also offer some personal car leasing deals with no deposit required.

  • There is less risk involved: As you don’t own the car you need not worry about losing money on your Range Rover due to vehicle depreciation. We take on the risk and ownership of the car when you lease with us.

  • Zero long-term commitments: If you like to switch your car up every couple of years, a car leasing agreement typically lasts 24-48 months, meaning you can regularly update your car to the latest model, with manufacturer's warranty, in an affordable way.

  • Reduced maintenance costs: By adding an optional maintenance package to your Range Rover lease monthly payment, you get the benefit of keeping any maintenance costs to a minimum, including new tyres, as they are covered in your monthly premium. Just drive your car to an affiliated garage and it will be sorted for you at no additional charge.

Explore the Range Rover Range: A Luxurious and Customisable Experience

Whether driving a Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque or Range Rover Autobiography has been on your wishlist, the team here at Vantage Leasing are on hand to get the very best Range Rover leasing deal for you. The latest Range Rover models provide a variety of options to suit your driving needs and preferences. With a choice of standard and long wheelbase models, you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle. Additionally, you can select the power option that aligns with your usage. If you primarily drive for short distances and have access to a charging point, the Plug-In Hybrid Petrol (PHEV) model is the way to go. On the other hand, the Range Rover Mild Hybrid Petrol (MHEV) is ideal for those who drive shorter distances but do not have access to a home charging point. For drivers who frequently travel long distances and commute on motorways, the Range Rover Mild Hybrid (MHEV) Diesel is the best choice. Connect with our helpful team today to find your perfect match and get the best deals on new Range Rover leases.

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