Car Leasing Study - The Diesel Dilemma

Jul 13, 2018
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With the weight of pollution on their mind, 55 per cent of UK motorists plan to swap diesel for a more ‘planet-friendly’ alternative with their next car purchase.

Check out all the results from our study:-

1. Are you currently in the market for a NEW vehicle?

Yes 43.65%

No 27.20%

Not sure yet 29.15%

2. Are you familiar with the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and the proposed changes it will bring in the next two years?

I am very familiar with the VED and its proposed changes 8.55%

I am somewhat familiar with the VED and its proposed changes 31.30%

I am not very familiar with the VED and its proposed changes 31.25%

I do not know what the VED or its proposed changes 28.90%

3. If you are very or somewhat familiar with the VED, to what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement? I feel the new legislation is punishing diesel drivers'

Strongly agree 29.23%

Somewhat agree 46.93%

Neither agree nor disagree / I don't know 18.32%

Somewhat disagree 4.77%

Strongly disagree 0.75%

4. Would you be concerned that, IF were you to buy a new diesel car in the next 2 years, you MAY pay higher road tax fees than other vehicles?

This would be a concern for me 41.90%

This would NOT be a concern for me 20.00%

I didn't know I would be taxed more if I buy a diesel vehicle 10.75%

N/A - I would NOT buy a diesel car in the next 2 years 27.35%

5. Do you think vehicles which run on diesel will become more or less unpopular in the next five years?

More unpopular 52.60%

Less unpopular 24.70%

No change 11.60%

I don't know 11.10%

6. Are you concerned that the value of your current vehicle MAY drop as demand for cars which run on fossil fuels drops?

Yes, it concerns me 30.01%

No, it doesn't concern me 53.36%

N/A - I don't think demand will drop 16.63%

7. Are you considering switching to a vehicle which burns a cleaner fuel than your current vehicle?

Yes, definitely 18.94%

Yes, somewhat 36.15%

No 21.30%

Not sure 23.61%

8. If yes, what is your MAIN reason for doing this?

It's better for the environment 40.29%

It's cheaper 24.76%

It's more futuristic 10.00%

Changes to the Vehicle Excise Duty will make driving a diesel more expensive 11.43%

So people will think I am a better person 4.67%

I think the car looks cool 3.90%

I think being 'green' is fashionable 1.05%

Other people I know are switching 0.19%

No particular reason 2.57%

Other 1.14%

9. If no, what is your MAIN reason why you aren't considering switching to a cleaner fuel?

The fuel is too expensive 11.08%

I don't believe in climate change 7.88%

I don't want to be seen as 'green' 3.20%

I think one person can't make a difference to the environment 3.69%

To buy a car with cleaner fuel is too expensive 34.48%

I think my friends, family and colleagues would make fun of me 0.74%

No particular reason 28.08%

Other 10.84%

10. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement? 'Being eco-friendly has become 'cool' in recent years'

Strongly agree 18.10%

Somewhat agree 47.00%

Neither agree nor disagree 28.60%

Somewhat disagree 4.05%

Strongly disagree 2.25%

11. How concerned are you about the future of the planet?

Very concerned 31.95%

Somewhat concerned 51.40%

Not very concerned 12.50%

Not at all concerned 4.15%

12. Do you worry about the effects your current vehicle is having on the planet?

Yes, very much so 16.95%

Yes, a bit 46.50%

No 36.55%

13. How would you categorise your understanding of eco-fuels?

I am very familiar with eco-fuels 8.60%

I am somewhat familiar with eco-fuels 51.10%

I don't understand much about eco-fuels 31.85%

I don't understand them at all 8.45%

14. Which car brands do you think of FIRST when you think of 'eco-friendly driving'?

Ford 11.55%

Renault 6.95%

Citroen 5.60%

Vauxhall 6.30%

Nissan 15.25%

Volkswagen 7.20%

Mercedes 5.55%

BMW 7.75%

Tesla 26.10%

Audi 4.30%

Lamborghini 3.05%

Mini 1.80%

Hyundai 7.00%

Honda 8.15%

Range Rover/Land Rover 2.10%

Toyota 19.20%

Lexus 3.55%

Maserati 0.45%

Alfa Romeo 0.80%

Subaru 0.60%

Chrysler 1.00%

Jeep 0.75%

Fiat 1.55%

Kia 2.50%

Ferrari 0.35%

Porsche 0.40%

None / I don't know 32.75%

Other 1.00%

15. In general, do you think of yourself as particularly 'green'/environmentally considerate?

Yes, very much so 15.95%

Yes, somewhat 61.45%

No 22.60%

16. Overall, what type of fuel do you think is cheapest per litre right now?

Petrol 69.15%

Diesel 9.70%

Neither/both the same 11.15%

I don't know 10.00%

17. In general, do you think eco fuels and eco-friendly driving is expensive?

Yes 47.85%

No 16.95%

I don't know 35.20%

18. If you could buy a car at a cheaper price, knowing its fuel was more harmful to the environment than another car which was slightly more expensive, would you still buy it?

Yes 26.75%

No 32.40%

I don't know 40.85%

19. What colour pump, at a petrol station, is usually used to pump diesel?

Green 11.65%

Black 71.75%

Neither 4.50%

I don't know 12.10%

20. Have you ever accidentally put diesel in a petrol car, or vice versa?

Yes, many times 6.95%

Yes, once or twice 15.90%

No 77.15%

21. On balance, what type of engine do you like best?

Petrol 45.75%

Diesel 15.35%

Hybrid 13.05%

Electric 5.90%

No opinion 19.95%

22. Generally, what type of engine do you think offers the best car performance?

Petrol 41.85%

Diesel 15.00%

Hybrid 10.05%

Electric 5.20%

I don't know 27.90%

23. Overall, do you think that eco-friendly fuels make a car drive slower than petrol or diesel?

Yes, very much so 12.65%

Yes, a bit 33.35%

No 17.65%

I don't know 36.35%

24. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement? 'People who drive electric vehicles or use eco-friendly fuels are 'hippyish'

Strongly agree 7.00%

Somewhat agree 23.60%

Neither agree nor disagree 34.50%

Somewhat disagree 18.15%

Strongly disagree 16.75%

25. Do you ever recycle either at home or when you're out and about?

Yes, all the time 66.30%

Yes, sometimes 27.10%

No, not really 6.60%

26. Do you have solar panels on your house?

Yes 12.30%

No 81.05%

N/A - don't live in a house/live in student accommodation 6.65%

27. Do you ever worry about the size of your carbon footprint?

Yes 34.70%

No 59.15%

N/A - I don't know what that is 6.15%

28. Compared to how much you paid for it, what percentage of what you paid for it do you think you will get for your car when you trade it in? Please select best match in percent

0-9 5.45%

10 - 19 9.70%

20-29 13.35%

30-39 18.00%

40-49 8.85%

50-59 8.80%

60-69 6.20%

70-79 3.85%

80-89 2.05%

90-99 0.20%

100+ 0.40%

I don't know 23.15%

Average excluding I don't know 37.81

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