Petrol cars accounted for less than one in five of leases, falling far behind its fellow forecourt fuel. The popularity of diesels comes from their higher mpg and torque figures when compared to petrol and hybrid cars.

Our figures go against those recently issued by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) which say that 2018 new diesel car sales have actually fallen by nearly a third when compared to 2017.

Hybrid and electric vehicles combined made up less than a tenth of new lease deals. We suggest that the slow uptake of alternatively fuelled vehicles is due to the current concern over residual values for the cars. We predict a swift increase in hybrid and electric leases once values have become more stable due to the increase in popularity when future emissions rules come into effect.

Conventionally fuelled vehicles are unlikely to be superseded anytime soon. More than 93% of our leases in 2018 were petrol or diesel cars, despite environmental pressures, increasing fees and a potential ban on the horizon leasing of these vehicles remains strong.

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