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Just what is the new Range Rover Velar?

Mar 27, 2017
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It’s been almost 50 years since Range Rover expanded its established model line. So, when they launched the new Velar, the world wanted to see what this hugely revered brand had created.

It’s clearly been popular, with reports coming directly from Land Rover that the Velar has attracted more pre-orders than any other product in the company’s history. But given that they are yet to hit the streets, just what is the Velar and what can we expect from it?

Range Rover’s plans are to have it go on sale this summer with pricing starting from £45,000. Like the Range Rover Sport, the Velar will boast a flagship model that will be capable of achieving high levels of performance. However, what’ll set the Velar away from its brothers and sisters is its cutting-edge design and ultra-modern interior. The expectation is that it’ll thrust the Range Rover brand into the focal point of market leading technology.

Inside the Velar the cabin has not one, but two high-definition ten-inch mounted touch screens for both the infotainment system and car controls. The whole of the Velar’s instrument cluster is designed beautifully, adopting a minimalistic look. Heralded as a game changer, all of the interfaces keep the use of physical switches to an absolute minimum. Instead, nearing everything is controlled via touch screens. So when you fire up the car's ignition, there’s a real sense of occasion. Everything around you lights up as your surroundings seem to come alive, providing a real feast for the eyes.

And it doesn’t just stop at the eyes. As what’s come to be a customary with the Range Rover brand, the Velar similarly gets the lavish treatment. As with the Range Rover Sport, the Velar’s high grade leather seats feel luxurious. There’s a real appreciation for the finer touches, particularly the lacking of plastically materials that detract from the interiors of other premium SUVs.

Range Rover have specifically created the Velar to sit in between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. It’ll bridge the gap between the small to medium SUVs and the larger SUVs. Having seen their rivals Porsche and Audi have great success the Macan and the Q5, the Velar will aim to attract some of the market share where the Evoque misses out on size alone. And let’s face it, there will be a huge majority of SUV drivers that will be excited by the prospects of the Velar’s size. As the SUV demand continues to expand, it makes sense for Range Rover to provide another size for the market’s Goldilocks mentality.

Performance wise, the Velar again offers a complete range of engine sizes to accommodate every need and want. The most popular engine option will most likely be their D240 – a 4 cylinder turbo charged 2.0 litre diesel engine that will put out 240 BHP and hit 60mph in 6.7 seconds, which is comparable to the other premium SUVs. Having said that, if you’re looking for more performance, there will be a V6 version that will put out 375 BHP and get to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds.

For all the hype with the Velar’s sophisticated design and new technology, it has been glaringly overlooked in other areas too. Land Rover feel confident that the Velar’s capacity off road will further the brand’s longstanding name in off road capability. Having fitted it with class leasing ground clearance and wading ability, Land Rover seem confident that the Velar won’t let you down should you ever waiver from the streets of suburban living.

Range Rover will offer the standard, S, SE or HSE as trim levels. Both popular optional black and luxury packs will also be available on the HSE. So, if you’re looking to style up your Velar even further, you feel comforted to know that they are both available.

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