Our latest study shows the strength of support for driving awareness courses for a variety of motoring misdemeanours.

When asked what penalty should be imposed, including no penalty, a driving ban, penalty points or an on the spot fine, among other options, this is the level of support to educate bad drivers.

Percentage backing to be sent on a driving awareness course

  1. Driving too slowly 43.3 %
  2. Failing to indicate 41.4%
  3. Blinding drivers by leaving headlights unnecessarily on full beam 38.8%
  4. Middle lane hoggers 38.2%
  5. Motorists who undertake 29.2%
  6. Tailgaters 29.1%
  7. Not stopping at zebra crossing 21.8%
  8. Parking over two spaces 17.4%
  9. Using mobile phone 6.4%
  10. Dropping litter out of car 4.4%

Our Marketing Manager James Buttrick said; “It would appear from our survey that Brits support the use of driving awareness courses, rather than fines and other penalties, to penalise some bad driving.”