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Range Rover Evoque Business Leasing Benefits

Jan 13, 2017
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Besides the bonus of claiming your VAT back, a business car lease option with a Range Rover Evoque can be beneficial in others way too. Such as… giving you a nice ride into work or out to your client's place of business.

So, what model to pick? You’ll find some great Evoque’s to lease by following the link.

We’re sure you’ll agree that there’s a nice range of Evoque’s out on the market and we’ve managed to get our hands on several. We like the Evoque so much we compiled the following list detailing the benefits of taking out a lease on one.

Firstly, we’d like to introduce you to the variety of models available across the Evoque range.

Models of Evoque

The Evoque range comprises of the coupe, convertible and a 5 door. You are free to upgrade the vehicle to match your tastes, you can go for a more focused luxury drive or performance based ride. There’s a wealth of choices you can make when taking the Evoque out on a leasing option.

The coupe is a very stylish looking SUV with its 3-doors but the better selling five-door could be more up your street, especially if you’re often doing the school run.

All models of the Evoque come equipped with standard features, such as heated front seats, heated windscreen and cruise control, to name just a few. The following list details what comes with each trim level, for more details feel free to give us a call for more information.

Trim Levels available


The SE is considered to be the minimalist version of the Evoque, Range Rover call it the Evoque in its most ‘purest’ form. That said, it’s still equipped with automatic lighting and rain sensing wipers to aid any SUV driver.

SE Tech

The SE Tech trim level takes the ‘pure’ form of the Evoque up to a more luxurious state; you have a choice of colourful leather interiors. There are also more gadgets with the SE Tech trim, with InControl Touch Navigation that uses voice activation, so keeping your hands free to steer whilst changing your navigation settings. The SE Tech equips you with auto-levelling headlights too, with their signature LED lighting system, giving you a nicely illuminated drive when out in the dark.

The SE Tech trim adds a more elegant feel to its SE counterpart, with only subtle enhancements that make a world of difference.

HSE Dynamic

The Dynamic gives it full attention to performance and gives you more choices within the interior colour departments, look and feel too.

The HSE Dynamics body kit sets the look and feel of this Evoque apart from the rest. Along with the slicker interior the body kit enhances the bumpers, side sills and exhaust system giving it a dominant, if not intriguing look, when powering down roads.

The entertainment system will keep your passengers happy and with 12-way lumbar support in yours and your passengers seats you’re in for an even more comfortable drive too.

HSE Dynamic Lux

The guys at Range Rover have created this trim for the Evoque market who want to combine both sportiness with luxury.

Consider the HSE Dynamic for the performance factor then add the additional panoramic roof with powered blind and a keyless (vicinity) entry fob system, then you’ll start to notice the difference. There’s the parking assistant too, that can handle exiting, perpendicular parking and the more standard parallel parking, so you can just sit back and relax whilst you’re parked. The inbuilt camera system covers the entire vehicle, so you can be sure to be alerted to any scraping hazards.

The inbuilt entertainment system is a cut above too, with a screen that shows a different image to passenger from the driver. The sound system will not let any DJ loving or mad music mogul down too, as there are 17 speakers that contribute to a whopping 825 watts of sound, enough to aid any vehicle down the road.


The Autobiography is seen as the flag ship model, the peak of the trims that give the Evoque its top hat and tails.

Immediate and noticeable enhancements are the lowered front grille, 20” Diamond Turned wheels and a slicker, all-round, new body kit. Upon entering there are illuminated tread plates and Oxford leather seats, so you instantly know you’re being invited into a refined environment. The Autobiography doesn’t stop there when it comes to shouting about its trim, there are embossed headrests, badging on the tailgate and fender vents.

Other refinements include Automatic High Beam Assist, 14-way electric memory seats with climate control and illuminated tread plates. This trim level takes all of the above trims and takes it all up, by at least a notch.

The Evoque Autobiography is a truly impressive drive and with the leasing plans we’ve available we’re sure to get you on the road with this top of the range Evoque.

Optional Accessories and Packs

There’s still more you can add on to your Evoque, give us a call for a full rundown, we don’t want to write too much, this is, after-all, just a blogpost.

Comfort and Ride

Even though it’s closely related to its bigger brother, the Range Rover, the Evoque steers away from it when it comes to handling corners and windy roads. It can handle off-roading like a true professional and you can pretty much guarantee non-slipping action, it’s been tested by the pros in some pretty extreme conditions.

The only let down you’ll come across is the lack of boot space, but what’s important with the Evoque is the look and feel of the rest of the interior. The layout is extremely functional and materials used ooze class appeal.

For more details about efficiencies and the look and feel of this machine please do not hesitate to call us now and speak to one of our experienced account managers.

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