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There's more to the Range Rover Evoque than just the eD4 SE
Apr 11, 2017

It’s hard to believe that at one time Range Rover’s smash hit mini SUV was just a twinkle in Victoria Beckham’s eye nearly ten years ago.  But since its release in 2011, the Evoque has flooded our streets and become the must-have vehicle for those fashion-conscious types.

In many ways though, the Evoque has got lost in its own noise.  For those consumers that sit on the fringes of the Evoque’s fan base, the notion that this car fits into the style over substance category has left may consumers undecided.  But the good news is that if you pick the right options, there is a winning formula.

For the majority of our customers who are seeking a Range Rover Evoque on a lease, we find a lot of them are interested in the entry level eD4 model.  A lot of this is driven by price and it's a shame, because one of the characteristics that makes this car great is how some of the better models drive.  The Evoque drives far better than expected, as it attacks the road and feels light and precise, providing a feeling not too disconnected from a hot hatch.  Needless to say, that feeling only comes when you start to look away from the eD4 engine and turn towards the far

It really is a surprising beast, as it attacks the road and feels light and precise, providing a feeling not too disconnected from a hot hatch.  Needless to say, that feeling only comes when you start to look away from the eD4 engine and turn towards the far more pokey 2.0 TD4 engine.  Not only does the TD4 possess a more inspiring drive, it also forces our customers into the 4WD option, which again is well worth the extra money.

But with the punchy, hot hatch feel comes certain shortfalls.  The boot is only good for a couple of Selfridges shopping bags – it’s unlikely you’ll be able to fit in a couple wolfhounds.  Despite that though, the Evoque has a lot of the look and feel that the Range Rover brand has come to encompass.  The layout is muted and simplistic, as Range Rover continues to try and make the move away from physical switches to a more minimalist look.

On the higher end trims, everything is covered in leather, but even the lesser models aren’t limited to cheap plastic materials.  As the flagship trim, the dynamic option pack really pushes the Evoque’s feel into an elite status, making it feel like a completely different car to the eD4 SE.

For many though, the Evoque most desirable asset is that it blends its agile, hot hatch feel with the best aspects of driving a large SUV.  It's high driving position and roomy interior is noticeable.  The rear seating is equally spacious and plus-6-footers should get into the back with no problem.

However, external visibility in the Evoque isn’t quite what it is in Range Rovers bigger models.  The rear window, in particular, is shallow and offers little viewing perspective.  That is overcome though by the parking assist options and rear reversing camera.

What’s clear with the Evoque range is that if your budget can reach into towards a spec that includes the 2.0TD4 engine, then you’re in for a car that really ticks a lot the boxes.  Whilst the eD4 serves its purpose as the entry level Evoque, there is a huge step up in driver experience when you stretch to the TD4.  Jump up again, and you’re into the relatively high levels of performance for a vehicle of that size.  The 2.0Si4 petrol reaches 60mph in just over 7 seconds and still manages a modest 36.2mpg on average.  So make sure you consider all the options and before you commit to a lease with us, take some time down at your local Range Rover provider to try out the different options so that you can make the most informed decision.

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