What's the Different About the Range Rover Velar?

Aug 08, 2017
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The Range Rover brand has long been the benchmark for luxury and prestigious motoring. With its latest creation Range Rover looks to be plugging the gap in its product range with the Range Rover Velar. Following what has been a very successful number of years for the Jaguar Land Rover brand, the Velar is an acknowledgement of opportunity.

The belief is that by growing the range and the sizes of SUV they offer Range Rover will further corner the market by catering for all whims of the consumer. In many ways it’s a market that has been neglected as many manufacturers have tend to focus on the extreme ends of the spectrum, targeting both large and small SUVs. With the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque firmly established the Velar offers and option sized for those goldilocks type consumers in need of practicality, without eating too much driveway space. We think that with its ultra-modern styling now on the roads the Range Rover Velar’s popularity will only explode.

What's the Different About the Range Rover Velar?

It’s also hardly surprisingly, given Jaguar Land Rover’s experience in this market, the Velar ticks all the boxes concerning off road and on road capability. While it doesn’t boast the clearance of the Sport or the Range Rover, its highly capable in treacherous road conditions and will find its way around the muddy fields should you wish to venture out into the countryside.

What's the Different About the Range Rover Velar?

Once you get the chance to experience the Velar, what really stands out is the outstanding levels of refinement and comfort. It’s noticeably more polished than the Evoque, which should give you some idea of the kind of quality we’re talking about. The interior design of the Velar is ground breaking, futuristic and luxurious and there are plans to introduce a similar theme across the range into the Sport and Range Rover (which we’re very excited about). Land Rover calls this design ‘reductionism’, having stripped out nearly every switch and button, replacing them with 2 touch screen centre consoles that seamlessly manage the infotainment system. There has clearly been a lot of thought put into its design the crisp, high definition 10-inch screen even swivels towards you 30 degrees when the car switch on.

What's the Different About the Range Rover Velar?

What makes this system doubly effective though is that it’s very intuitive. While the design will have taken what I assume will have been countless hours to design, equal amounts has been afforded to the infotainments functionality. Initially the most striking thing is how easily the car connects with your phone but the more you drive the more you realise the entire vehicle has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. The Velar’s navigation system even learns your frequent routes, making suggestions where to avoid traffic and will even help you find a parking space.

What's the Different About the Range Rover Velar?

However, the Velar does lack in some areas, it is abundantly lacking is in autonomous driving tech which makes it feel slightly behind the market. While the Velar does include adaptive cruise, lane assist and autonomous emergency braking at the higher end of the trim selection, competitors like the Volvo XC60 offer a far superior Driving Kit.

There’s a wide array of engines to choose from, we believe that the sweet spot is the 234bhp diesel. This should be enough to deliver a good balance of efficiency and performance. If you want something that will give more poke, the 375-bhp 3.0 supercharged V6 flagship engine which will pull its 2-tonne weight 0-60 in the blink of an eye.

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