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Car Leasing Special Offers

Car Leasing Special Offers.
Easy, Affordable Deals You Can Trust.

Nationwide Car Leasing Deals You Can Trust.

We offer nationwide car leasing, with pay nothing upfront options available, and your new car delivered straight to your door at no extra cost!

The experienced team at Vantage Leasing are on hand to find you the car of your dreams on a payment plan that works for you. Sounds good? By having us as your broker you will gain access to our panel of lenders and the best car leasing deals from Alphabet, Lex, Leaseplan and Santander.

Vantage Leasing Special Offers Page

Welcome to our special offers page, where you will find more information on the very best car leasing deals we currently have for you. The majority of vehicles that we have listed on this special offers page are readily available in stock and can be delivered to you, for no extra charge, in as little as two weeks (following order confirmation).

Perhaps you would like to make some modifications, or you have specific requirements in mind? This is no problem! The team here at Vantage are on hand to make these changes for you. It just means that a factory order may be required, which will have a longer lead time. In order to manage your expectations upfront, should this be the case we will aim to get your new car lease across to you as quickly as possible.

Our helpful and friendly consultation and administration team will keep in touch with you to provide updates on delivery expectations and dates throughout the process.

Finding the perfect new car can be stressful…

We eradicate that stress for you. The team at Vantage Leasing are on hand to find the right finance package to accompany your new cheap car lease. Whether you are looking for personal or business contract hire, the finance plan is just as important as the car you choose. The car leasing deals you will find here on our special offers page are for our most competitive prices on models and packages currently available across the website.

What Is Car Leasing?

Car leasing is a cost effective way for you to own a brand new car at a fixed monthly cost. Generally lasting 24-48 months long, leasing a car allows you to update to the latest model every few years. There are no hidden charges as there are no APR or credit charges on your lease. Here at Vantage Leasing we work to get you the very best finance deal from our funders and we don’t believe in charging you a processing/administration fee.

We also deliver your new car straight to your door at no extra cost!

One benefit of car leasing is the huge discounts that we can obtain on prestigious car brands including Mercedes, Range Rover, BMW, Tesla, to name a few. Leasing a luxury car could be cheaper than you think!

Is leasing worth it?

This is a question you may have been pondering. For more information on the pros and cons of leasing you can visit this page. When you lease a car through Vantage the benefits include:

  • Fixed monthly costs and transparent pricing.

  • We don’t charge you a processing fee to acquire the car.

  • Free delivery of your new lease straight to your door and car collection upon the end of your agreement.

  • Our optional maintenance and servicing package will provide you with peace of mind and save money on maintenance of your new vehicle.

  • You don’t need to worry about losing money on vehicle depreciation, as we take on the risk and ownership of the car.

  • Zero long-term commitments. With car leasing agreements lasting typically 24-48 months you can regularly update your car to the latest model covered with manufacturers warranty.

  • Road Fund License payments are included in your monthly costs.

  • Our talented team are consultants first and salespeople second. We don’t pressure you into any car leasing deal that isn’t right for you, instead we provide you with knowledgeable insights and the best offers for you to make the right decision for your new car needs.

At Vantage we pride ourselves as a car leasing company you can trust. Which is one of the many reasons we have a high retention rate for repeat customers, who have been extremely satisfied with our services. If you are looking for some reassurance when leasing your car with Vantage, you find out what our customers think by reading our reviews page here.

Car Leasing FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most common car leasing questions. If you have any others, feel free to reach out to the team who will be more than happy to help.

Do you get to keep the vehicle?

When leasing a car you never technically own the vehicle, as this is property of the leasing company and funder. When the term of your lease is coming to an end, you may have the choice to extend your lease on the same vehicle. Otherwise you will hand the car back at the end of your contract term.

Why is car leasing cheaper than PCP finance?

Car leasing is generally cheaper than PCP finance because you don’t buy the vehicle and that is why you don’t pay interest on a lease. You can think of leasing as a long-term rental agreement, where your payments are based on how long you have possession of the vehicle.

Whereas PCP can be likened to taking out a loan, as you are lending the full purchase price of the car over an extended period of time.

How popular is leasing in the UK?

More than 1.6 million people lease a car in the UK. Up to 30% of new cars on the road are leased in the UK vs new car purchases.

Is leasing the same as personal contract hire?

Yes. Personal contract hire (PCH) is a term used for personal car leasing. PCH is when you lease a car for personal use. An alternative to personal contract purchase (PCP), PCH is a long-term car rental where you make fixed monthly payments across a term usually lasting 24-48 months. You never actually own the car and hand it back at the end of your term. It is a cost effective way to regularly update your car to the latest model, which will be under warranty with maintenance packages available, and not accumulate any debt whilst doing so.

I have always bought my car, why should I lease instead?

When buying a car upfront you personally take on the vehicle depreciation value as soon as you drive off the forecourt. You may even take out a finance loan with APR when buying a car. Car leasing offers the benefits of lower monthly payments with no APR or added interest, and you can save further money by gaining lower maintenance costs when you add a maintenance package to your lease agreement.

When leasing you never actually own the vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about resale value. Leasing is a cost effective solution with zero chances of getting yourself into debt over a new vehicle. Simply reach the end of your lease agreement and hand your car back as you received it.

Can you get every car on the market?

Yes, you can get any and every car on the market. But, you can only get new cars when leasing. Should you be after a vintage car, a model no longer in production, or a used car then you will have to buy your car instead.

What are the shortest and longest leases you offer?

Our car leasing offers range from two to five years. Most people generally tend to take out a car lease agreement between 24-48 months.

What do you mean by 6 plus 59 or 9 plus 35?

On our website you may see offers stating 6 plus 59 or 9 plus 35. This is referring to how many months payment you make upfront on leasing a vehicle with us and then the number of fixed monthly payments as set out per the terms of your specific agreement.

For example: 6 months upfront payment and 59 fixed monthly payments or 9 months upfront and 35 fixed monthly payments. We also offer pay nothing upfront deals, should this be your preference.

Can I put a personalised number plate on a leased car?

Yes, you are able to put a personalised number plate on a leased car. As you don’t own the vehicle you will firstly need to obtain permission from the lender/finance provider, as they are the registered owner. You will be able to arrange this directly with them.

Grab Our Best Car Leasing Deals Now!

These special offers won’t be around forever. If one of our latest care lease deals has caught your eye, then contact us on 0161 434 4321 and secure your perfect vehicle today!

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