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Japanese engineering with a century of experience

Mazda has supplied the world with exciting cars since the company began operating in 1920. Based in Hiroshima, Japan, Mazda is the fifteenth biggest car maker in the world, making annual sales of over £14bn and employing over forty thousand workers. Although Mazda’s cars have borne the company name as long as they have been produced, it was not until 1984 that the company itself officially took on the Mazda name, taken from the Zoroastrian god Ahura Mazda, a symbol of wisdom, reason, and harmony.

 The Mazda brand has been well-received all over the globe, mainly enjoying popularity in the United States and the UK. In fact, Mazda is the only manufacturer that uses rotary engines in some of its cars, with some rotary models such as the RX-7 having proven a hit with British drivers. The modern Mazda lineup doesn’t include a rotary engine, however, despite much speculation about a potential Mazda RX-9 in recent years. Over the years, Mazda cars has undergone a series of changes and achievements that have made it the company we know today. In 1991, the company won the 24 Heures du Mans with the Mazda 787B, whilst from 1979 to 2010 they worked in partnership with American manufacturer Ford. Now, Mazda is once again independent from Ford and has been working in cooperation with Toyota since 2015.

 Today, Mazda is best known for its beautiful sports car designs, with models such as the MX-5 roadster heading the lineup. The brand’s areas of expertise now include their iconically stylish designs as well as technological development of features such as Skyactiv technology, which provides Mazda drivers with superb levels of performance and excellent economy.

 Make it a Mazda and enjoy extreme performance at a manageable monthly cost

Traditionally, when the time has come to upgrade to a new car, most of us have gone straight ahead and bought a new vehicle without even stopping to consider the alternatives. Today, however, other ways of upgrading are offering other increasingly attractive options to drivers. Whilst buying a car does have its benefits, it also requires a major upfront financial commitment that few of us can get away with, and further disadvantages of buying mean it is fast becoming a less-prefered method.

 Leasing allows you to avoid the large initial payment that can make car ownership so difficult for most of us, and it can often allow you to opt for something better than you had expected to be able to afford. Whilst buying involves a range of compromises and leaves you less well-off than if you choose to lease a Mazda, leasing also gives you the choice of some of the best cars currently on the market.

 When you decide to take out a Mazda leasing contract with Vantage, you will be opened up to benefits including the choice of a range of brand new and exciting cars, an affordable monthly payment agreement with no major upfront costs, and the ability to avoid the inevitable depreciation that all car buyers eventually face. You’ll also be relieved to know that leasing removes all of the hassle of selling on when you next choose to upgrade. When it’s time to move on, simply hand the car back to us and choose your next car to drive away.

 Drive a Mazda that’s made just for you

Vantage Leasing hopes to make your dream of driving the perfect Mazda a simple and affordable reality, beginning by having a selection of the most popular Mazda models already waiting for you to turn up to and drive away. We keep a selection of cars chosen to match varying needs, tastes, and personalities across our client base.

 Visit us in person and our team of dedicated experts will be glad to give you a closer look at each of the vehicles already waiting on the forecourt. We hope to have something to suit everyone’s tastes, but we also understand that picking out a new car is a highly personal decision. We, therefore, don’t only offer cars as we order them, but give you the option to choose all of your car’s finer details for yourself. When you choose a Mazda leasing deal with us, we can order your car directly from one of the Mazda dealerships we work closely beside. The fantastic relationships we have built with our dealers mean we can pass on all of your preferences and get hold of exactly the car you want. When you have made a decision on the car of your dreams, you’ll go on to chose one of our highly competitive Mazda personal leasing contracts.

 If you would like to find information on each of the Mazda models that we currently offer, please navigate down this page to the sections below. For further details on the models we have available, please visit the individual model pages listed at the top of the page.


The sporty supermini Mazda2 offers a visually distinctive car that delivers both in the city and on the motorway. With CO2 emissions of just 105g/km and a combined fuel consumption of 62.8mpg, take out a Mazda2 leasing deal with us and you’ll enjoy low-cost driving throughout your lease period. Designed with Mazda’s new Kodo: Soul of Motion style guide at its core, the car is also built with features including Skyactiv technology for smooth handling, sportier performance, and a more refined ride; MZD Connect infotainment system keeping you connected to the road and the wider world; and i-Activsense safety features to keep you protected in all sorts of driving scenarios.

A main design feature in the Mazda2 is the highly driver-centric cockpit, delivering ergonomic controls and displays and features such as MZD-Connect available in some models. There’s a new steering wheel designed for the ultimate grip, finished with comfort and quality in mind and made to handle all types of road conditions. On the outside, Sport Nav models of the car ride on four sporty 16” alloy wheels, whilst on the inside passengers ride in the comfort of a playfully colour co-ordinated leather interior. Safety features are paid special attention, with the Mazda2’s i-Activsense kit lending you driving support in all conditions. Sensors work continuously to sense hazards and pick up dangers on the road, whilst items such as Smart City Brake Support spots other vehicles, priming the brakes for an emergency stop or automatically braking to prevent collisions when travelling at low speed. The Skyactiv-Drive transmission provides smooth and fast gearshift that improve efficiency and deliver a drive just as fun as a manual.


Available as either the Hatchback or Fastback model, the sporty Mazda3 delivers on performance and consumption. The car emits as little as 99g/km CO2 and delivers an impressive 74.3mpg. The Mazda3’s appearance if fully informed by the Kodo: Soul of Motion design language, with a new look for 2017 conveying the power, beauty, and motion that the car delivers. Skyactiv technology enhances the driving experience whilst also improving fuel efficiency, and the advanced i-Activsense system introduces a range of safety features. The MZD-Connect system keeps you linked up to the internet, radio, and social media all at once. The Mazda3’s design cues are taken from Mazda’s Kodo: Soul of Motion design language, which brings each of the cars in the brand’s current lineup into aesthetic unity. The Mazda3 is crafted with premium materials and and close attention to detail. Inside, there is lots of space for all occupants and nifty kit includes sport-styled seats, an electronic parking brake, and soft-touch material finishes. There’s also a newly designed instrument panel and a heated, leather-trimmed steering wheel that gives the driver full control over the audio system and cruise control functions whilst on the road. The luxurious and sporty feel of the cabin is enhanced by chrome-look dials on the air vents. Other distinctive features include LED signature lights and daytime running lights for maximum visibility, as well as a range of premium metallic exterior colours. A set of Mazda 18” alloy wheels adds to the car’s sense of speed and stability, keeping road noise low and stability smooth.

Safety features included in the 2017 Mazda3 with Activsense system include Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Traffic Alert; lane keeping assistance with Driver Attention Alert; Advanced Smart City Brake; traffic sign recognition; and Rear Smart City Brake Support.


The Mazda6 is available in both saloon and tourer variants, delivering impressive CO2 emissions of just 107g/km and fuel consumption as low as 68.9mpg. Mazda’s own design language - Kodo: Soul of Motion - influences all visual aspects of the Mazda6, giving the car a strikingly sporty and muscular appearance. The car features award-winning Skyactiv technology for improved driving and handling performance, as well as i-Activsense advanced safety features. The MZD-Connect mobile connectivity system from Mazda also keeps you comfortable and connected to your closest contacts at all times.

The car’s looks are athletic on the outside and luxurious on the inside, with an impressively spacious cabin offering an intuitively ergonomic design. The exterior is marked by a series of distinctive features such as the sharp, angled LED headlights on the Sport Nav and the sewts of 17” or 19” alloys that further enhance the car’s sporty looks. One further selling point is the use of automatically folding wing mirrors, which give you one thing less to worry about. When you lease a Mazda6, you’ll settle into a world of luxury. Inside the car, comfort is key. There’s a useful memory function for the head-up display and driver’s seat position on the Mazda6 Sport Nav, and a range of metallic exterior colours accentuates the vehicle’s smooth lines.

There are plenty of active safety features aboard the Mazda6, so driving this sports machine need never feel dangerous. With the optional Safety Pack available on Sport Nav models, this car is a leader in the safety department. Items within the pack include lane-keeping assistance and driver attention alerts to prompt you to take a break; blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert; a cruise control system that maintains your distance from the cars ahead, and smart city brakes to automatically stop the cart where a low-speed collision is about to happen. The Sport Nav also comes with traffic sign recognition and a handy reversing camera.


The Mazda CX-3 is a compact SUV designed to be fun to drive and good to look at. CO2 emissions are as low as 105g/km, and the car manages an impressive 70.6mpg. In line with the other cars in Mazda’s current lineup, the CX-3 takes its looks from the Kodo: Soul in Motion design language, and also incorporates a host of clever technological features. Skyactiv technology helps you to navigate your way whether driving through inner city streets or taking the scenic route through the great British countryside, and the MZD-Connect infotainment system provides easy access at your fingertips to your music, phone, navigation, internet apps, and even your vehicle settings.

The exterior’s progressive body design provides further good reason to choose a Mazda CX-3 leasing deal, with the car’s lines and contours emphasising its powerful drive style. The cabin is centred around the driver, with ergonomical design elements such as the curved instrument panel and cleverly positioned dials, display screens and multimedia commander control all located within easy reach. A raised seating position also puts the driver of the CX-3 into the ideal driving position for maximum comfort and visibility over the road. A flexible cargo board in the boot allows you to store heavy equipment underneath and lighter luggage above, and a flexible seating system adds extra space when needed.

The all-wheel drive system on the Mazda CX-3 lets you make the most of the car’s powerful performance whilst taking care to remain fuel efficient, and sensors that continuously monitor the road surface and driver ensure you remain alert and safe on the road. Further safety features include Smart City Brake, a tyre pressure monitoring system, and dynamic stability control.


A Mazda CX-5 leasing contract opens you up to Mazda’s largest offering in the current lineup of cars, delivering 132g/km of CO2 emissions and a combined fuel consumption of 56.5mpg. The CX-5 features a number of design elements taken from Mazda’s Kodo design language, and benefits from the i-Activsense safety feature kit to ensure all occupants can ride safely and at ease. A vivid new paint colour, Soul Red Crystal, has been added to the lineup of options to fully accentuate the car’s beautiful Kodo design, and intelligent G-vectoring control ingeniously improving the car’s handling. With less input from you, the CX-5 will move just as you want it to, reducing the need to correct steering and improving the comfort of the ride for fellow occupants.

The i-Activ all-wheel-drive system delivers improved control as you accelerate, turn, brake, or deal with slippery surfaces in the CX-5, and 27 sensors adjust the AWD system 200 times per second to provide the right response from your vehicle.

The CX-5 is packed with advanced safety features, with a range of cameras and sensors identifying risks and minimising the chance of an accident before driver input is even required. The all-new model comes with the latest Mazda Radar Cruise Control and active driving display with Traffic Sign Recognition that provides essential information from speed limits to road sign messages.

Key design elements in the CX-5 include rear reclining seats completely redesigned to be deeper and more figure-hugging for maximum comfort. The Sport Nav is enhanced with 19” gunmetal alloy wheels, and tech kit includes a multimedia commander with 7” touchscreen at your fingertips.


Treat yourself to a truly thrilling driving experience with a Mazda MX-5 personal leasing contract. This iconic car design has made its mark as a best selling roadster combining agility, technology, and a thrilling rear wheel drive performance. CO2 emissions come in at 139g/km, whilst the MX-5 manages a combined fuel consumption of 47.1mpg.

The design of the MX-5 is unquestionably stylish and, having evolved with the Mazda Kodo: Soul of Motion design language, it delivers even greater presence on the road. Distinctive features include the car’s muscular stance and sharp LED headlights, as well as an interior of high quality materials and craftsmanship from the sports seats to the driver’s controls. The new generation MX-5 is the first to be built with Skyactiv technology, making the car significantly lighter than previous generations and creating a sleeker, firmer body with a centre of gravity lower than any previous incarnation.

Matching a powerful performance with a range of safety features, the MX-5 combines the thrill of the drive with the comfort of knowing you’re in safe hands. Features included on the new model include blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert, high beam control to ensure you’re using the right lighting for the conditions, and helpful notifications to keep you alert.

Performance enhancements include Skyactiv-body and Skyactiv-chassis, utilising lightweight materials including aluminium and ultrahigh-tensile steel to reduce the weight of the car by an impressive 15%, all whilst increasing the car’s strength. Additionally, Skyactiv Powertrains cause the MX-5 to respond with unbridled power when you hit the accelerator.

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