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Why lease a Mini?

A Great British icon remade for modern driving

The Mini is the classic British car, defining our roads and never once going out of fashion since 1959. The original car’s bold looks and endearing proportions carved out an entirely new market section that only the Mini could fill, and to this day the car has remained a class of car and style icon in its own right.

The original Mini continued in production from 1959 to 2000, with the new style of car launching - after six years of development - in 2001. The Mini was originally the design of the British Motor Corporation, before passing through several business transactions and eventually becoming Mini in 1969. Following some other changes, BMW acquired the Mini brand in 2000. Today, the manufacturer produces a collection of models: the Mini Hatch/Hardtop; the Clubman; Convertible; Coupe; Roadster; Countryman; and Paceman. Most of the cars are built in Cowley, England, with two models - the Countryman and Paceman - crafted in Austria.

Today, the Mini brand performs better than ever. The Mini’s iconic and universally loved design attracts drivers from all walks of life, and its blend of creative expression and straightforward authenticity lend the car an attitude that no other car maker can match. Mini has always set trends for the industry as a whole, and continues to do so to this day. Appealing to those who value individuality and expression, the brand continues to push boundaries. In 2008, Mini began testing electric cars, and in recent years the Mini family has expanded to include a selection of cars that appeal to new Mini drivers leading lifestyles from the inner city to the furthest coasts and islands.

Lease a Mini at a manageable monthly rate

Having made the decision to upgrade to a new car, most people are naturally led to think of buying a vehicle outright. Although buying does have its advantages, there are plenty of disadvantages that, when considered, make the idea of car ownership far less appealing. Buying of course means making a significant financial commitment both at the beginning and for the duration of the ownership. Further down the line, the large financial cost of ownership leads to further loss of capital as the car rapidly and significantly devalues. When owners eventually come to sell their vehicle, it is worth far less than they paid for it and the difficulty of selling second-hand can put people off trying for the best deal.

Choose to lease a Mini, and you’ll find the alternative option circumnavigates all of the major pitfalls of purchasing and introduces a range of its own fantastic benefits. Firstly, leasing requires no major upfront payment so your savings needn’t take a hit for the sake of your new car. You’ll pay a small upfront cost and, following that, your contract will continue for a pre-arranged period at a consistent, affordable rate agreed to by you. The personal leasing contracts available with Vantage Leasing not only reduce costs in the short and long-term, but also open you up to a whole new range of motoring possibilities. Whilst the high costs of buying can seriously limit the cars you can afford, our manageable leasing plans bring ever more desirable models within easy reach. You’ll take your pick of some of the best cars currently on the market whilst paying a rate that complements your personal budget.

Leasing is also a hassle-free alternative, allowing you to forget the dreaded pitfalls of depreciation and selling. When you come to the end of your lease period, you can simply hand the car back to us and continue onto the next car to make its mark on your driving history.

Choose the perfect model to make your Mini driving dreams a reality

We know that choosing your new car is a very personal decision, so we ensure that each client we deal with walks away with their perfect match. That means that we won’t just pair you up with the first car we have available. We will put in the effort to find you exactly the car you want at the right rate for you.

We have a selection of some of the most popular and in-demand models already waiting for you to test out here at on the Vantage forecourt. Many of our clients find just what they want in the cars we have waiting but, for those with a more particular idea of what they want from their new car, we can also offer a bespoke service that opens up all of the finer details of your new Mini for customisation.

As with all of the brands we work with at Vantage Leasing, we have built strong and successful partnerships with a number of Mini dealerships. These relationships allow us to specify exactly the car we are after, down to the interior trim and roof colour. These benefits are then passed on directly to you, giving you the chance to personalise your car down to the smallest details.

We currently hold a collection of Mini’s various models, each of which is listed below. For more information on the current range of cars, please see the descriptions further down this page. If you would to find more detailed specifications for each of those models, and to find out more about the Mini leasing contracts we have available, please visit the individual car profiles listed at the top of this page.


The 3-door Hatch is Mini’s flagship model; loved and recognised around the world, it’s the statement piece that no self-expressive driver should be seen without. Powered by a newly developed twin power turbo engine delivering higher speeds and lower fuel consumption than ever before, the new Mini Hatch has also evolved with a widened track width, stiffened suspension, and a lowered centre of gravity for tight cornering and quick acceleration. New drive modes open up your driving style to further customisation, with Green mode optimised for softer driving and improved fuel efficiency, and Sport mode delivering ultra-responsive steering, suspension, and acceleration.

Inside the cabin, there’s a new head-up display. A transparent panel located on top of the dashboard, the new display puts essential information right in plain sight. Keeping you eyes at road level, the display gives speed and navigation prompts right where you can see them. There are plenty of fun reasons to choose this car, and there are sensible reasons too. You’ll benefit from the latest in Mini’s safety lineup when you choose a Mini leasing contract, with features including electronic brakeforce distribution, cornering brake control, and brake assist functions. Optional Runflat tyres give much-needed leeway in the event of a puncture, and split-second airbags located in the front and rear work alongside seat belt tensioners if a collision occurs.

Design highlights include a standout radiator grille with seamless chrome frame, with Mini’s trademark headlights also added to with striking chrome surrounds. A new Start button glows softly with LED lighting, starting the car with one push. An optional semi-circular set of LED daytime running lights fitted around the traditional headlamps can be upgraded to full LEDs. Body-hugging sports seats come as standard, whilst the overall interior trim can easily be customised with trims including Black Pearl cloth/leatherette, Diamond cloth/leather, Cross Punch leather and Lounge leather. Choose from eleven punchy exterior colours, and mix things up with optional contrasting roof and wing mirrors. Style your car perfectly with a range of interior options including Colour Line and Chrome Line.


The Clubman paves the way to a new way of living as a Mini driver. Its distinctive and sophisticated looks guarantee that it sits at the centre of attention wherever it goes and, what’s more, it is eminently practical too. Inside, there’s plenty of space for you, your friends, and everything you need for a fun weekend away. Longer and wider than the previous Clubman, the new car holds five seats, four passenger doors, and recognisable rear split doors. At the very rear, the boot now holds an impressive 360 litres of bags, boards, and buggies, whilst the split doors make loading up a breeze.

You’ll feel totally in control with the leather multifunction sports steering wheel at your hands. Operate functions including cruise control and audio without taking your hands from the wheel, all whilst enjoying the sporty feel of the wheel’s leather outer. Into tech? A Mini Clubman lease is the contract for you. The Clubman is full of innovative technology from a remote sensor that opens the rear doors to in-car access to all of your favourite apps. With the Media Pack installed, a revamped 8.8” touchscreen provides an intuitive overview of information with split-screen functionality. Control everything from this iconic focal point; entertainment, navigation, personal mobility, and music functions can all be controlled here. Clever speed management systems include cruise control and a set of cameras that enables the car to slow down and speed up in order to maintain a safe distance between you and other drivers. Further safety items include a rigid chassis design that cuts body torque and computer-controlled handling that alters to fit driving conditions.

Design highlights such as the aerodynamic front and rear skirts and 19” alloy wheels give the car a commanding presence on the road, and practical features such as the parking assistant and luggage net ensure driving the Clubman is always a joy. Customise the interior with the Mini Yours design programme, allowing you to choose all of the styling touches that will make your Mini truly yours.


The Countryman is the Mini made to head for the mountains. Built for the adventurous at heart, this 4-wheel-drive feels just as much at home in the city as it does in open country. The Countryman’s road handling credentials are excellent, and the car copes just as well off-road as on. A clever four-wheel-drive system distributes power between the front and rear and, depending upon your style of driving and the level of grip on the road, the All4 drive system calculates the right torque for each individual wheel. In extreme off-road conditions, all power can be sent to the rear axle, helping the Clubman climb onwards. A Mini Clubman leasing contract leads the way to adventure, and the car is there to help you explore at every turn. A flip-out picnic bench located in the tailgate features two soft seats and a fender dirt protection flap to keep your clothes from getting muddied. The muscular design of the Clubman hints at the car’s adventurous spirit, whilst the optional All4 Exterior Optic pack adds in defining black high-gloss bumper elements.

Always practical, the Mini Countryman features room for five adults in its luxurious seats, all with plenty of legroom for even the tallest of passengers. A bigger boot delivers even more space for your adventure kit, whilst the adjustable rear seats allow for extended boot space and up to 13cm additional legroom. Optional electric seat adjustment offers two pre-set options, letting you switch drivers without hassle.

Design features of note include the car’s illuminated interior, which can be set to match your mood with ambient lighting of your colour choice. Further touches include the top grain leather included in the Mini Yours Lounge seats, and the beautifully soft-touch dashboard surfaces.

The Clubman isn’t all about looks; its safety features are plentiful, and always in waiting to ensure your safety. An electric parking brake keeps the car stopped solidly whether crawling in traffic or starting from an incline. Runflat tyres allow you to keep moving even with a puncture, giving you the chance to find somewhere safe to stop, and the driving assistant package includes items such as the forward collision warning system and city collision mitigation system.


The Mini Paceman is the slightly sportier cousin of the Countryman, adopting the same rugged features and combining them with proportions more in-keeping with the original Mini Hatch. Mini calls the Paceman a ‘sports activity coupe’, and has designed the car to suit those looking for a little extra style as well as the practical benefits of the Countryman. The first of the three-door Minis to come with four-wheel-drive, Paceman models manage as much as 67.3mpg and emissions of as little as 111g/km.

In line with the rest of the Mini family, the Paceman places design as a top priority. From the front end, the car looks identical to the Countryman. Step around the car, however, and its sportier features make themselves plainly evident. There’s a higher nose, a dramatically sloping roof, bulging wheel arches, and a beltline that follows around to the boot where Mini’s first set of horizontal taillights gives the car a really unique appearance. Optional design edits include fog lights and black surrounds for the headlights, plus a chrome bar through the Cooper S grille.

Almost as spacious as the larger Countryman, the more agile Paceman has an impressive 1,080 litres of space for all the kit you’ll need for a weekend away. There are four seats in the car, with the front seats mounted higher to allow for greater legroom in the rear. Drive with confidence when you lease a Mini Paceman, as the car’s safety kit includes a full set of airbags, dynamic stability control, and optional adaptive headlights and parking distance control.

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