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Why lease a Peugeot?

Iconic cars over three centuries of innovation

Peugeot has been building distinctive and boundary-breaking cars since the launch of the Peugeot Type 2 in 1890. In 1929, the Peugeot 201 was released, beginning the company’s long and continuing numbering system with a zero in the middle. The 201 was also the first car to be made with independent front wheels. In 1934, Peugeot achieved another first with the launch of the 401; the first car launched with a folding roof. Working way ahead of its time, in 1941 the brand rolled out 377 of its first electric vehicle, the Peugeot VLV. In the 1950s, Peugeot began working with renowned Italian designers Pininfarina, and in the 1960s launched the 204; Peugeot’s first front-wheel drive car. The ‘90s brought the launch of Peugeot’s new HDI Diesel engines, enhancing performance and reducing fuel consumption all whilst limiting emissions. At the turn of the new millennium, Peugeot achieved another world first with the first Particle Filter, fitted on the 607, and in 2011 released the 3008 HYbrid Crossover, offering 35% reduced consumption, CO2 emissions of just 99g/km, and a full zero-emission mode. Most recently, in 2015 and 2016 Peugeot won Engine of the Year for its 3-cylinder PureTech 1.2L turbo petrol engine.

Today, the Peugeot brand continues to innovate with its various technological advancements. The Peugeot i-Cockpit comprises a compact steering wheel, head-up instrument panel, a clean and uncluttered design, and touchscreen infotainment system, all enhancing the driving experience. The company’s engineers have developed gearboxes and engines that deliver performance and efficiency whilst taking care of the environment, and intelligent safety features such as hill start assist and grip control all delivering a safer, more reliable ride for the driver. Working the lab, the company continues to experiment on concept vehicles with new materials, cutting-edge design, and brand new technology that we expect to see on the road in the near future.

Drive your car, your way; no hassle, low cost

When most people decide to upgrade to a new car, they approach the search in the traditional way; first of all looking to buy new, and perhaps considering a second-hand car. Although buying has some benefits, this route also comes with a whole range of disadvantages that, when considered, can make car ownership far less attractive. Purchasing a car means letting go with a serious amount of cash, not only when you make the purchase but throughout the period that you own the car. Almost immediately after agreeing to the asking price, your new car’s value will very quickly and significantly decrease in value. When a car owner then comes to sell up, they will almost inevitably find that their car is worth far less than they initially paid for it, and the hassles of selling can often result in car owners accepting a less-than-perfect deal.

When our clients choose to lease a Peugeot with Vantage Leasing, they are able to relax in the knowledge that they will never have to worry about the pitfalls of car ownership. Further to that, they are also opened up to a whole raft of new advantages to benefit from. Firstly, our Peugeot leasing deals can be agreed upon without you having to make any major upfront payments, so your savings can be left sitting aside for when you need them most. Having made a small upfront payment, our clients continue to pay a consistent and affordable rate each month, all in line with a personally agreed contract that fits their monthly budget. Our leasing contracts are not only financially helpful both in the short and long-term, but they also open you up to an entirely new set of possibilities. Whilst the associated costs of buying a new car can leave you with a limited range of cars to choose from, leasing brings more desirable cars within easy reach. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of the best new cars on the market today paired with a monthly rate that suits your financial situation.

Best of all, leasing is entirely hassle-free, allowing our clients to forget the headaches of depreciation and second-hand selling. When your contract period comes to an end, you will be able to simply hand back the car and move on to your next new vehicle.

Pick the perfect Peugeot for you

We understand that the car you choose to drive takes a lot of careful thought, and we know that it’s important for each of our clients to drive away with the car and the contract that is right for them. That’s why we do all that we can to make sure you don’t simply choose the first car that you see. Our role is to help you find the perfect motoring partner, made up of the right car and the right contract for you.

Some clients like to make quick decisions, so we will always have a range of the most popular Peugeot leasing models available to choose from at the Vantage forecourt. Whilst a number of our clients pick straight from what’s available, we are also able to offer a bespoke service opening up all of the finer details of each car to personalisation for those who have a more specific idea of what their new Peugeot should deliver.

All of the brands and manufacturers that we represent here at Vantage Leasing is treated with equal value, and the relationships we develop with each of the dealerships we work with are carefully looked after. These well-maintained relationships give us a range of privileges that we are pleased to be able to pass on to you. Amongst those privileges is the ability for you to choose exactly the car you want to drive, all the way to the finest details such as interior trim, alloy size, and in-car technology.

The collection of Peugeot cars that we currently offer is made up of various styles from small city cars to large vans and family-friendly MPVs. For additional information on any one of the models we currently carry, please see the model descriptions below. For more detailed information on each model, and a list of the Nissan leasing deals we offer, please see the individual model pages listed at the top of this page.


The Peugeot 108 is a stylish and compact city car available in both 3 and 5 door models. The highly stylised 108 is all about choices, with both the 3-door and 5-door versions available as either a hatch or cabrio with retractable fabric roof. The cabrio 108 TOP can be further customised with a choice of either black or purple fabric roof colours. There are various individual themes to choose from, making customisation easy and straightforward. A set of standout LED daytime running lights makes the 108 easily visible and gives it a distinctly high-tech look. There are eight paint finishes to choose from, as well as nine interior ambiances and seven stylish personalisation packs. Technology included in our Peugeot 108 lease deals is plentiful and includes an easily navigated 7” touchscreen providing the interface for the audio system, reversing camera, and vehicle settings. The 108 is also available with a DAB radio, Peugeot’s Open & Go keyless entry and push-button start system, Bluetooth connectivity and climate control. You can ride with peace of mind thanks to the car’s range of safety features including six airbags as standard, the latest-generation electronic stability programme, ISOFIX child seat anchors, hill start assist, and tyre under-inflation detection.

2008 Crossover

The Peugeot 2008 Crossover is the first model in Peugeot’s new line of SUVS. With bold styling and a sporty look as well as exciting new paint finishes and technology the 2008 offers both character and control. The car is styled with high-tech black and chrome headlights and 3D LED rear lights that give the car a recognisable signature look from both the front and rear. The striking newly designed vertical grille and horizontal bonnet are set off at the rear with a sports spoiler, as well as wheel arch extensions, roof bars, and front and rear scuff plates. Lease a Peugeot 2008 and on the inside you’ll find a smart and sophisticated lighting ambience with LED instrument dial surround, an LED track, or a panoramic glass roof with lit guidelines. A range of new paint finishes ensure the car has real presence on the road. The 2008’s i-Cockpit features a compact sports steering wheel, 7” multifunction touchscreen, and a head-up display providing you with all of the most important information without having to move your eyes from the road. Safety features include grip control, active city brake, park assist, a reversing camera, and CarPlay functionality for hands-free app control.

In 2017, the 2008 Crossover has been awarded Driver Power Best Small SUV by Auto Express.


The sporty and elegant Peugeot 208 comes in both 3-door and 5-door varieties, and offers an impressive range of exterior colour options and highly innovative technology. The 208 stands out from the crowd thanks to it advanced design, featuring a sharp and distinctive front bumper and a wide, fully integrated grille. The car’s looks are complemented by two-tone black and chrome headlights and a set of LED daytime running lights. At the rear of the car, the LED light sets are set apart with Peugeot’s 3D ‘claw’ design, making the car easily recognisable. Inside the 208, the i-Cockpit includes a compact sports steering wheel, a head-up instrument panel, and a large colour touchscreen. The car is comfortable and cosy, with a range of trim and customisation options including a leather trimmed steering wheel. Your Peugeot 208 leasing contract will open you up to an exciting technological experience that includes a 7” touchscreen with fingertip control of all the car’s audio functions; communication items including Bluetooth, CarPlay, and Android Auto; and the navigation system. The car’s helpful safety features include active city brake, park assist, a rear parking aid, and a reversing camera. There is also a full set of six airbags as standard, plus an electronic stability programme, ISOFIX child seat anchors, cruise control, and speed limiter.

3008 Crossover

The Peugeot 3008 was named 2017 Car of the Year, and the all-new SUV is packed with strength and character. WIth a smooth new design, this standout SUV utilises both a robust frame and elegant finish. The 3008’s styling reflects the power of the car itself, with chrome detailing and full LED headlights at the front adding to the car’s feline appearance. The car’s fluid lines are set off by the strong shoulder line stretching along the length of the body. The rear picks up the sharp design with a black roof and gloss black rear panel with Peugeot’s claw-design LED lights. You could easily lease a Peugeot 3008 for the interior experience alone. The car features the new Peugeot i-Cockpit, with an 8” touchscreen, customisable 12.3” head-up display positioned so you don’t have to take your eyes from the road, a compact steering wheel with integrated controls, and an electronic automatic gearbox. There is plenty of clever tech inside the 3008, including a number of environmentally efficient items. The car’s lighter chassis, BlueHDi and PureTech petrol engines as well as the EAT6 automatic transmission all combine to make the car one of the most efficient SUVs in in its class.


The new Peugeot 308 hatchback is a versatile machine; a family friendly hatchback in form, it is also stylish to look at and efficient to run. The new 308 is available from July 2017. The car’s character is shaped by the latest Peugeot design language, with a re-profiled front bumper, grille, and bonnet, new LED lighting for the headlights, and various alloy wheel options on offer. The 308 also comes with the latest tech as part of the Peugeot i-Cockpit. The interior features several items that put you in control of the driving environment, including a compact multi-function steering wheel, a head-up instrument panel, and a 9.7” touchscreen control panel with smartphone-speed response times. The 308 GT Line blends quality materials with striking details such as the red stitched sports seats, a large panoramic glass roof, 3D connected navigation system, and a 180° colour reversing camera. The 3D connected navigation set receives live updates on traffic conditions for your planned route, as well as suggesting alternative options where possible. Other items include local weather information, petrol station price guides, and a points of interest search function. You will be able to seamlessly pair your smartphone with the car thanks to its Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Mirrorlink functionality.


The Peugeot 5008 is an MPV unlike the rest. The spaciousness and versatility of a family car is combined with a driving experience that few practical cars can boast. It is the ideal vehicle for a large and busy family, with plenty of space for a holiday’s worth of luggage. The easily configured interior can provide space for up to seven people, and the large panoramic roof fills the car’s interior with natural light. In the summer, the electric sunblind provides respite from the sun. There are several safety features as standard. Inside the 5008, the driver benefits from a raised driving position, a wide windscreen and ergonomic design. The head-up display with safety distance alert and angled steering wheel ensure you never have to take your eyes from the road, and make for a comfortable drive. There is a wide selection of powerful engine choices with either manual or automatic transmission. The car’s CO2 ratings are as low as 117g/km, and it makes an impressive 62.7mpg. The many safety features include electronic stability programme, distance alert, six airbags as standard, and ISOFIX child seat anchors. The Snow Motion feature makes driving in challenging conditions much easier with traction control preventing wheels from slipping and allowing you to drive off and accelerate easily.


You can lease a Peugeot 508 in both saloon and estate models, with the 508 RXH model offering a chunkier, mud-ready exterior for drivers with a taste for adventure. Aside from exterior styling, all three cars are much the same. The Peugeot 508 combines an assertive appearance with enhanced in-car technology, and delivers a thrilling ride. This contemporary car has a more structured feel, with exterior elements including a vertical grille and more horizontal bonnet. At the rear, the redesigned bumpers create a more solid feel. The car’s handling and acoustics speak of the 508’s driving prowess, and its engine kit is impressive. Highly efficient BlueHDi engines and a choice of manual or six-speed automatic transmissions create a distinctive driving experience. Inside the car, there are all kinds of clever technology to keep you cool, calm, and entertained on your journey. Top quality materials enhance the comfort of the car’s drive, and a range of onboard technology makes driving easy. Features inside the car include a head-up display that allows you to keep your eyes on the road at all times, a reversing camera to help with tricky parking, a blind spot detection system to ensure you can always see what’s coming, and a sat-nav system accessible via a 7” touchscreen display. There are several advanced safety features to ensure you drive at ease, including an electronic stability programme, six airbags as standard, and Peugeot’s Connect SOS system to automatically alert the emergency services of an accident.

Expert Tepee

The Expert Tepee is a van-based MPV offering a large amount of space and seating for six or nine people. The car drives comfortably, and sliding doors provide easy and practical access even in tight spaces as well as allowing for easy loading of luggage and equipment. The car features some useful technology and comes with a single engine choice with three power output options. The 2.0-litre HDi diesel engine comes with 97bhp, 128bhp, or 161bhp. The Expert Tepee’s fuel economy is impressive, with the 128bhp version the best of the lot. It is capable of returning 43mpg and produces emissions of just 172g/km CO2. Inside, the kit is practical and meets all of the needs of a busy family. As standard, the car comes with air conditioning, electric windows in the front, and a multi-function steering wheel. Higher spec Leisure models come with fog lights and heated wing mirrors, with optional extras including tinted rear windows, automatic lights and wipers, and 16” alloy wheels. Storage is a key selling point for anyone considering leasing the Peugeot Expert Tepee, with a handy 1,068 litres of luggage space and 2,163 litre capacity available in the six-seat version with the seats folded down. The nine-seat version boasts 1,400 litres of boot space and 2,814 litres of storage with the seats down. The car comes with safety kit including ABS, brake assist, and a driver’s airbag. Optional extras include ESP, traction control, and a passenger airbag.

Partner Tepee

The Peugeot Partner Tepee is a compact van-inspired MPV that comes with a range of state-of-the-art equipment and a selection of highly efficient engines. The Partner Tepee is ideal for families in need of a practical, flexible, and fun driving experience. The car also comes in an electric variant, boasting even lower running costs and an impressive range of over 100 miles. On the outside the Partner Tepee has a commanding presence, with a modern and robust exterior featuring a front grille with vertical design, and LED daytime running lights ensuring maximum visibility and style. The Outdoor version adds an even more adventurous look. If you’re after adventure, choosing a Peugeot Partner Tepee lease deal can help you get the most from the outdoors. Meanwhile, helpful tech such as the BlueHDi diesel stop and start engine makes driving easier, more powerful, and more efficient. Inside the car, there is plenty to keep you connected with a 7” multimedia touchscreen infotainment system plus DAB digital radio and Bluetooth connectivity. Other items include front and rear parking aids to help manoeuvre the car, plus electronic folding wing mirrors, a reversing camera, parking sensors, and a full sat-nav system.

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