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A visionary carmaker with an eye for distinctive design

Distinctively contemporary when compared with its competitors, Smart is the new kid making waves on the block. Beginning its journey only as long ago as 1994, the first Smart Fortwo rolled off the production line on 1st July 1998, just ahead of the new millennium. In 2007, Smart began producing its second-generation Fortwo and, in 2008, the one millionth Fortwo was built to mark the brand’s tenth anniversary. In 2012, Smart began producing an electric car and, in the same year, was awarded with the Best Factory 2012 award.

In the past few years, Smart has continued to innovate in the automotive industry, introducing a brand new liquid painting process in 2013 and beginning production of the third-generation Smart Fortwo in 2014. Today, Smart builds its Fortwo in a record time of just 7.5 hours, utilising a plus-sign formation production line that ensures a highly efficient process. The company’s young and enterprising workforce are key to the company’s enduring youthfulness.

Working from its home in Hambuch, Lorraine, the Smart state-of-the-art factory has now produced 1.7 million Fortwo models. Today, the company continues to produce its first iconic design alongside new adaptations and concepts including the roomier Smart Fortwo.

Lease a Smart car and enjoy the double benefits of a striking new car and an affordable monthly payment agreement

Choosing to lease a new car can be a difficult process, and you might automatically consider the traditional route of buying directly from a dealership. We’re here to offer an alternative. In today’s world, the benefits of buying are few and far between, and there are several good reasons that could make it worth reconsidering. To begin with, the cost of buying a new car can be difficult to justify. Whilst you want the safest, most efficient, and most stylish car you can afford, you also want to maintain a manageable level of outgoings month on month. Whilst buying means handing over a large sum of cash in one go or paying in parts until you finally own a car worth much less than you’ve paid, a Smart leasing deal involves making affordable monthly payments that you can easily incorporate into your usual spending budget. The Smart lease deals from Vantage don’t require a large upfront payment and, when you decide to move on to your next car, there won’t be a major financial loss to bear. Whilst buying eventually leads to selling at a massively depreciated rate, leasing delivers a rolling payment plan with the ability to simply hand the car back at the end of the contract and move on to another new and exciting driving experience.

Can’t find the perfect Smart? Personalise your car to your individual code of style

When you lease a Smart car through Vantage Leasing, there are plenty of options available to you. We have a good selection of the most popular Smart Fortwo and Forfour models ready and waiting for you to pair with one of our very competitive leasing contracts and drive away. The range currently includes Fortwo and Forfour models with various trims and engines sizes to suit all kinds of drivers’ needs.

When you visit us on the Vantage forecourt, we will show you around the Smart cars that we have available to be taken home on the day. However, we understand that choosing a new car is a highly personal decision. If you don’t see the very car that you’d hoped for waiting on the forecourt, we will order it for you directly from one of the UK Smart car dealers that we regularly work with for our clients. The excellent relationships we have built with the Smart dealers in the UK allow us to give you the option to pick all of those important little details when you choose your brand new car. So, you’ll be able to drive the very car you wanted whilst all the while paying a manageable monthly cost with one of our market-leading Smart car leasing contracts.

For further information on the Smart Fortwo and Smart Forfour models that we currently have to offer, please continue to read below. If you would then like any further information on the cars we have available, please move on to one of the individual car profiles listed at the top of this page.


The original Smart car, the Fortwo is now in its third generation and still turning heads. At just 1.66m wide, the Fortwo is the perfect car for the city driver, conveniently slotting into even the tightest of spaces. Its length, at just 2.7 metres, means it can often even park perpendicularly to the pavement. Today, the Smart Fortwo manual comes with hill start assist to prevent the car from rolling backwards when starting off on a hill, and its cleverly designed tridion shell - made like the shell of a nut - reduces deformation of the car and protects passengers in cases of emergency.

Our Smart Fortwo personal leasing deals deliver a fully designed experience, beginning with the car’s striking exterior. The car’s recognisable two-tone finish is the second thing you’ll notice after its fantastic dimensions and, with alloy wheels in black, silver, single or twin spokes, there’s a combination of items for every driver. An optional welcome function switches on the halogen front lamps, and a set of elegantly curved LED daytime running lights ensure maximum visibility to other road users. The car’s panoramic sunroof bathes the interior of the Fortwo with natural light, and an adjustable fabric sunblind provides shade when necessary.

The tech available with one of our Smart car leasing deals includes rear parking sensors, a Smart media system with 7” touchscreen, AUX/USB connectivity, and Bluetooth, as well as ambient lighting to set the perfect nighttime driving mood.


The Smart Forfour is the Smart car for those with an expanding circle of family or friends. There’s plenty of cargo volume and enough seating for four grown adults. The Forfour offers all the cuteness of Smart with a little extra added in. For a four-seater, the Forfour is incredibly compact. At just 3.49m long, it makes even the tightest spaces feel spacious and, with a turning circle of just 8.65m, you can easily get out of a tight spot. The Forfour’s enhanced safety features include Crosswind Assist, protecting you from sudden strong winds when out on the open road.

The Smart Forfour is nothing if not eye-catching. With a two-tone paint finish, a honeycomb radiator design, and halogen lamps on the front end, the car is certainly noticeable. A selection of alloy wheels is available, including black, silver and grey colours in single or twin spoke designs. As well as the upfront halogen lights, a set of daytime running LED lights is used to ensure the car is highly visible in all driving conditions. On Prime and Prime Sport models, a folding top opens the car up fully to the outer world, with a retractable net keeping unwanted draughts out of the car. On other models, the 1.2 square metre panoramic roof allows more light into the interior of the car, increasing the sense of space within and keeping you shaded with a fabric sunblind. The car’s interior tech includes rear parking sensors, a Smart media system with 7” touchscreen and connectivity via AUX, USB, and Bluetooth, as well as a 4 speaker sound system.

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