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Why lease a Vauxhall?

Over a hundred years of British heritage from the racetrack to the road

Vauxhall began its long journey across British motoring history back in 1903. Since then a lot has changed, but the company’s forward-thinking ethos has remained much the same. The first ever Vauxhall was the 6HP, with a single-structure chassis that broke the existing mould. In the same year Vauxhall made its first foray into motorsports, entering the ninth car they had ever made into a time trial. Wealthy Edwardians satisfied a taste for adventure and curiosity in new and exciting technology as they drove about the country in the 1910 Prince Henry and 1913’s graceful 30-98 - one of the greatest sports cars of last century. General Motors bought Vauxhall for $2.5 million back in 1925, and encouraged the company in an even more adventurous direction. The Cadet, launched in 1930, boasted a leather trim and smooth 6-cylinder engine and, in 1938, the Vauxhall Ten-Four sold 10,000 units in less than five months. During the war years, Vauxhall was busy doing its part with the production of a series of tanks, before coming back ready for a new era in motoring history.

In the second part of the twentieth century, car design took a new turn. Vauxhall launched its stylish Velox, Wyvern, and the longer and wider American-style PA Cresta. In the later years, a number of now-iconic and instantly recognisable Vauxhall cars was launched. The Cavalier came onto the market in 1975, followed by the Astra in 1980. The Nova was launched in 1982 and, eleven years later in 1993, the highly successful Vauxhall Corsa brought power steering, anti-lock brakes and a car alarm to the small car sector. The nineties also introduced the Vectra and Zafira, before the new millennium introduced the VXR and Insignia.

In recent years, Vauxhall has continued its long tradition of innovation, launching several all-new models in 2012 alone; the Zafira tourer, Mokka, Adam, and Astra VXR amongst them. Today, Vauxhall’s team is made up of thousands of people across the UK, all working towards the goal of delivering innovative vehicles to the British public. The team is based across the country from Ellesmere Port to Luton, and works with a strong set of environmental initiatives including the production of greener vehicles, the use of recycled materials, and ensuring the recyclability of its cars.

Put driving first and let us take care of the paperwork with a hassle-free Vauxhall lease

Driving should be an enjoyable experience; it should be reliable, comfortable, fun, and exciting. But all too often, the hassles and headaches of car ownership can taint the enjoyment of a good drive. Many people still choose to pick a car the old-fashioned way, selecting a brand new vehicle and buying it immediately or paying for it over time. We like to offer something different. The old ways of doing things worked in the past, but in the present there are other options to choose from. Car ownership has its advantages, but our leasing model can help you to avoid all of the disadvantages that go along with owning a car yourself. Purchasing comes with a series of problems, beginning with the huge upfront costs and expensive loans required to buy a car. Next, owning your car also means that any problems are down to you to sort out. That means a series of costly services and fixes over time. Lastly, and perhaps most significantly, buying leads to a serious loss of capital. Cars lose a lot of value very quickly, and when they eventually come to be sold second-hand they are worth far less than their original price. This often leads sellers to accept a sub-par offer only to get the car off their hands.

Choose to lease a Vauxhall with Vantage Leasing, however, and you can leave all of those worries to us. Leasing will also open you up to a range of new possibilities that you may not even have considered. First of all, leasing means you can drive away in a brand new car without letting go of large sums of cash. You can keep your savings set aside for when you need them and enjoy a new car all at once. Throughout the lease period, you will go on to pay your personally agreed monthly rate, made to fit your budget. Not only are there financial benefits to leasing. Our method can open up a whole new range of possibilities when you come to choose your car. The costs of buying brand new can leave you with a limited pool of cars to choose from, but leasing makes many more cars much more easily available. Our clients find that they can choose from amongst the best new cars on the market, and we will pair your ideal car with the perfect Vauxhall personal leasing contract.

The best part of the Vantage Leasing method, however, is the pure and hassle-free driving experience that our clients enjoy. Letting go of the financial worries of buying brand new or the stress of selling a car second-hand, our clients are able to leave behind worries of depreciation and let any unlikely problems be taken care of by the car’s brand new warranty. What’s more, when the contract is up and it’s time to move on to a newer model, you can simply hand the car back to us and get on with the next chapter in your motoring story.

Make it about you with a range of customisation options available on our Vauxhall models

It’s important to choose the right car for you. Just like the home you live in or the clothes on your back, the car you drive is a personal choice that reflects your tastes and personality. We understand the importance to each of our clients that they drive away with a car that really suits them. That’s why we will do all that we can to match you with the perfect car.

You may already have an idea of the car you hope to take home with you. If you like to make a quick decision, you might want to take a look at our selection of the most popular Vauxhall models ready and waiting for you to drive away. If you need help finding the perfect car, however, then we are at hand to help. We will spend time looking through the details of each of the models you are interested in and finding the one that feels just right for you. You might want a car that’s highly personalised, with every last detail reflecting your tastes and preferences. If so, we can deliver a bespoke service that opens up all of the finer points for customisation.

The relationships we have built with each of the brands and manufacturers that we represent at Vantage Leasing have been successfully developed over years of partnership. We work closely with each of our dealerships so that we can, in turn, pass on the privileges of these relationships to you, our client. These privileges include the option to pick and choose exactly the model for you, as well as to customise your car with all of the interior and exterior options available. You can choose the interior trim, exterior colour, alloy size, and more.

Our current selection of Vauxhall cars includes something for everyone. The range extends from the cool new Adam city car - its small frame packed with personality - to the always popular Corsa and the eminently practical Zafira Tourer. You will find additional information on each one of the models we currently offer by reading through the descriptions below. If you would like further details on any car or the Vauxhall leasing contracts that we have to offer, please take a look at the individual model profiles listed at the top of this page.


The Vauxhall Adam is a compact city car with a range of designs to suit every lifestyle. The original Adam brings bold style and a range of colours, whilst the Adam Rocks combines the maneuverability of a small car with the rugged looks and toughness of a crossover. The Adam S adds extra high performance with red accents, sports suspension, a more aerodynamic design and powerful 148 hp engine. The Adam is good-looking and proud, with a range of colours ideally suited to showing off around town. There are up to 33 wheel styles to choose from, 20 body paint colours and 8 separate roof colours. Helping to reduce emissions and improve visibility both day and night, every Adam is fitted with daytime running LEDs and LED lights in the rear. Inside, enjoy a six-speaker sound system and panoramic glass roof from your high-quality, high-density, and high-comfort sports seats. Choose from a selection of fabric or leather trims, and customise everything from the front grille bar to the wing mirror caps and rear view mirror covers. Further benefits when you lease a Vauxhall Adam include City Mode driving, climate control, and safety features such as hill-start assist. Simultaneously connect up to 7 devices to the car’s 4G wifi hotspot, connect your smartphone to the 7” touchscreen media system, and integrate Siri with your car for total hands-free control.


You can lease a Vauxhall Astra in both hatch and tourer versions, letting you get the most of this iconic car whilst choosing the style that best meets your needs. The Astra’s exterior features sharp lines and a ‘floating’ roof design, with LED daytime running lights included as standard, and rear LEDs as an optional extra. Choose from 16”, 17”, or 18” alloy wheels and, on the inside, enjoy a premium trim with a range of customisation options. The Astra comes with Vauxhall’s OnStar system, letting you turn the car into a wifi hotspot for up to 7 devices at once. Add in heated seats for all the family, and keep cool and relaxed with massaging and ventilated front seats. Connect your smartphone to the car using Apple CarPlay, and benefit from a range of safety features including lane departure warnings, traffic sign recognition, following distance indication, and forward collision alert with automatic braking at low speed. The Astra’s keyless entry and start feature lets you get in and go without fuss, and the Vauxhall Parking Pack lets you park perfectly with hands-free advanced park assist and rearview camera. Engine options vary from 98-198 hp, including the 1.0-litre and 1.4-litre Ecotec direct injection turbo engines.


The classic Vauxhall Corsa comes in several versions including the 3-door, 5-door, and a series of special and limited editions. The exterior design of the Corsa is now sportier than ever, with a sports-inspired grille, sharp headlights, flowing lines and a bulked-up rear. The Corsa’s sunroof opens at the touch of a button, with drafts and wind noise excluded with a clever wind deflector. On very sunny days, the integrated sunshade keeps the harshest rays from your eyes. Choose a Vauxhall Corsa lease deal and benefit from bi-xenon headlights for excellent nighttime vision, LED daytime running lights for all-day visibility, and cornering lights to help with safe maneuvers. Wheels come in designs from 15” to 17” in a range of styles. On the inside of the Corsa, you’ll find high quality materials and silver trims, plus ambient lighting from energy-saving red LEDs. Climate control options include manual air conditioning and a self-regulating electronic climate control, both of which come with pollen filters, and the interior trim can be mixed up with a selection of colours, fabrics, and patterns. The car comes with a selection of driver assistance items including traffic sign assist, lane departure warning, following distance indication, forward collision alert, high beam assist, and side blind spot alert. In-car tech allows you to connect your smartphone to the Corsa, play music and use voice commands through the 7” touchscreen multimedia system. You can also turn the Corsa into a wifi hotspot for up to 7 devices at any time. Engines range from 70 hp to 115 hp, with ecoFLEX versions maximising economy.

Crossland X

Take out a Vauxhall Crossland X lease deal and enjoy the car’s bold dimensions, its compact, rugged appearance and cleverly configured interior. Wheel options include both 16” and 17” alloys in various designs, and exterior colour options include 9 body colours and 4 strikingly contrasting roof colours. You’ll find intelligent seating arrangements, plenty of storage space, and smart tech solutions in the sporty interior. There is up to 520 litres of space in the crossover’s boot, which expands to a huge 1,255 litres with the rear seats lowered. Ideally suited to family trips, the Crossland X comes with handy FlexConnect accessories for fitting kids’ tablets - connected to the car’s in-car wifi hotspot - to the rear of the front seats. Park safely with the panoramic rear-view camera, and keep you eyes on the road with the Crossland X’s head-up display. LED headlights provide 30% more brightness than halogen bulbs, ensuring maximum visibility at night. In-car tech includes the wifi hotspot as well as plenty of smartphone connectivity options. Connect via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto using the car’s IntelliLink system. Engine options include a range of 1.2-litre petrol and 1.6-litre diesel engines in both automatic and manual variants.


The Vauxhall GTC is a stylishly sporty coupe featuring sharp, elegant lines and and a flowing, highly aerodynamic body. At the very base level, the GTC comes with a set of imposing 18” alloy wheels, with 20” alloys available at the top of the options list. Further options include the VXR styling pack, which adds a sportier look to the GTC. Inside, the car’s sporty feel continues and is complemented by the premium materials found in the cabin. There are various trims, fabrics, and colours to choose from so that you can make the car truly yours. Choose a Vauxhall GTC personal leasing contract and you’ll benefit from a chassis designed specifically for UK driving, with suspension tuned to British roads. A start/stop feature on all manual models means you save fuel whenever possible. The system switches off the engine when stopping at lights, restarting immediately when the clutch is pressed. Drivers looking for a low-emissions car will find what they want with the GTC, with the 1.6 CDTi ecoFlex models boasting amongst the lowest CO2 emissions in their class. Including the ecoFlex options, there are six powerful yet efficient engine options, each matched with either a six-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. The GTC also comes with features such as advanced park assist, adaptive forward lighting, front camera, and a 4G wifi hotspot.


Our Vauxhall Insignia lease deals are available in two body styles including the 5-door hatchback and the Sports Tourer estate. The VXR is also available to those seeking a more performance-driven experience. On the outside, there are thirteen colour options to choose from as well as 17”, 18”, and 20” alloy wheels in various designs. Inside, there are seven trim options in various colours and materials. The Insignia features a sleek, low profile that is both sporty and stylish, whilst also offering a range of practical solutions. The versatile seating options in the Insignia allow for storage of all the essentials or an even larger load of luggage and bigger equipment. The car’s Intellilux LED lights provide excellent visibility without dazzling other drivers, and the adaptive cruise control function helps maintain distance from other drivers by automatically controlling the brakes and accelerator. A handy heads-up display lets you focus on the road ahead, with vital information such as speed, sat-nav directions, and road sign alerts all displayed right at eye level. A keyless entry and go system lets you step into the car and get on your way with the use of a smart fob and sensor, and lane departure warning keeps you on track. Connect your smartphone to the car using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and charge wirelessly in the handy charging slot. Enjoy premium sound with a state-of-the-art BOSE sound system, and use voice commands to control the car’s functions hands-free. Four-wheel-drive improves handling and safety, and the range of engine options can lead to impressive tax savings for company car drivers.

Mokka X

The Vauxhall Mokka X is a bold and rugged SUV that delivers an excellent performance from the urban jungle to country lanes. An intelligent four-wheel-drive system ensures maximum stability, traction, and handling in all weather, and the car looks incredible too. There are eleven snazzy colours to choose from, as well as alloy wheels in various 17”, 18”, and 19” designs. Inside, there are three trims to choose from including two leather and one fabric, and the optional power-tilt and slide-glass sunroof with manual sunblind creates an increased sense of light and space within the cabin. The driver sits tall in the high-mounted seats, with controls laid out comfortably in front. All models of the Mokka X come with electronic climate control as standard, and a dual-zone function lets you set separate temperatures for either side of the car’s front seats. The Mokka X is perfectly suited to longer journeys, with its multiple spacious storage compartments providing room for both people and luggage. If you need extra space, the 60/40 folding seats fold down in seconds. The ergonomically designed AGR sports style seats provide essential lumbar support, with the front seats adjusting to your posture and giving support to the upper body and legs. Engines include a 113 hp 1.6-litre and 138 hp turbo petrol, and 1.4-litre 150 hp engine. Choose a Vauxhall Mokka X leasing contract and also get tech kit including adaptive LED lights, a rearview camera, hill-start assist, smartphone compatibility, and both Bluetooth and USB connectivity.


The compact Vauxhall Viva is a practical city car with bags of personality. Now in a new 5-door design, the Viva has all the essentials including five seats, five doors, a comfortable ride and handling, and all-new assistance technology. The Viva is available in ten cool colours and comes with the choice of 15” or 16” alloy wheels. The interior is fitted out with a sophisticated jet black fabric trim. Open up to the outside with the Viva’s large sunroof, which comes with an automatic wind deflector and manual sunshade for brighter days. Daytime running lights ensure the car is always visible, and cornering lights let you see further around bends. The front end is also fitted with stylishly integrated fog lamps. Take out a Vauxhall Viva lease deal and you’ll be able to relax behind the wheel thanks to the car’s City Mode, making the steering effortlessly responsive. Safety features in this small but perfectly formed car include six airbags, ABS, EPS, hill-start assist, lane-departure warning, and fog lights with automatic cornering. The car also comes with rear park assist, electronic climate control, and heated seats to keep you cosy in the colder months. The Viva’s tech lineup includes a 4G wifi hotspot for up to 7 devices at any time, smartphone compatibility and voice command, and connectivity via USB and Bluetooth.

Zafira Tourer

Take out a Vauxhall Zafira Tourer personal leasing contract with Vantage, and you’ll find that the iconic MPV is now better than ever. An all-new, sportier front end gives the car new attitude, with LED headlights adjusting to your driving conditions. Alloy wheels come in sizes from 17” to 19” in various designs, and inside the car there is plenty to be excited about. Carry a whole family in the 7-seat Zafira, or fold down up to six seats to maximise storage capabilities. Keep everyone cool using the electronic climate control system, with dual-zone feature in the front two seats and an air filter removing dust and pollen from the cabin. Engine options include both petrol and diesel ranging from 138 hp to 168 hp, and the start/stop feature saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions when the car comes to a standstill. An optional six-speed automatic transmission automatically adjusts to your driving style, adapting to different road conditions as it goes. There’s a front camera system included, allowing various safety and assistance functions to help you out; traffic sign recognition, follow-distance indicator, and lane-keep assist are all included. There is also adaptive cruise control and a side blind spot system. The Zafira also provides entertainment for the whole family thanks to its smartphone connectivity via USB, letting you stream music directly to the car. The multimedia system features a touchscreen sat-nav, and 3D street-level mapping.

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