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Why lease a Volvo?

Quality craftsmanship and decades of innovation built upon a legendary heritage

Volvo is a manufacturer known for its quality cars and status as a serious carmaker for serious drivers. The company has been making cars since 1927, when founders Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson noticed a gap in the market for stylish cars that also delivered strength and safety on Swedish roads. In the years since the birth of Volvo, its teams of designers and engineers have developed a series of innovations, many of which have changed the motoring industry around the world.

In 1959 Nils Bohlin, an engineer at Volvo, introduced the first three-point seatbelts into the Volvo PV544. Since then, it has been estimated that his invention - which went on to be used by carmakers the world over - has saved over a million lives. In 1972, Volvo made car-making history again with the rear-facing child seat, before developing the child booster seat in 1976 and the integrated booster in 1990. Also in 1976, Volvo developed the lambda sond, a small piece of mechanical kit that reduces harmful exhaust emissions by 90% and is now fitted on virtually every petrol-engine car in the world. In 1991, Volvo introduced its first side impact protection system comprised of several features including reinforced seats and energy-absorbing materials. Following this in 1994, the company introduced the world’s first side-impact airbags. Volvo introduced both a whiplash protection system and the inflatable curtain airbag in 1998, before it began work on a roll-over protection system for increasingly popular SUVs in 2002. Other introductions from Volvo in the new millennium have included blind spot monitoring systems, city safety braking systems, and a lifesaving pedestrian detection feature.

The first Volvo was the ÖV4, produced between 1927-1929. Over the following decades, Volvo produced several of the most recognisable models driven in Europe and across the world. Combining simple, sophisticated styling with an ethos that prioritised both quality and safety in equal measure, Volvo developed a reputation as a classier kind of carmaker. Several models achieved respected classic status, including the P1800, the 240 and, more recently, the S40, V40 and V50. Today, Volvo produces a range of saloons, hatchbacks, estates and SUVS to suit any modern lifestyle.

Choose a Volvo lease deal and let the joy of driving be your only concern

Vantage Leasing offers something different from the old way of doing things. Whilst in the past drivers will have looked for their new car straight from the market, many are now turning to cost-effective, hassle-free alternatives that take the hassle out of driving. Leasing is becoming increasingly popular each year and, whilst buying still has its benefits, it also brings with it a range of disadvantages that can make car ownership far less appealing. First of all, buying a car is a costly undertaking. Depending upon how you buy, it can require a major upfront payment, long-term commitment, or an expensive loan. Buying also means taking care of all of the dirty business by yourself. That means handling maintenance and fixes and finding the best repair deals all by yourself. Thirdly, buying will lose you a lot of money over time. All new cars quickly lose a significant amount of value, so when you eventually come to sell your used car it is worth far less than it originally cost, especially considering the interest paid on loans or hire-purchase contracts. The hassles of selling on second-hand also lead many drivers to accept a lower price than they would ideally like.

Choosing to lease a Volvo with Vantage Leasing, however, means that you can forget the worries that so many car buyers face. Added to that is the range of additional benefits that only a leasing deal can offer. First of all, the Volvo leasing deals that we have available make it possible for you to drive away in a brand new car without having parted with major sums of cash or signing up to a costly loan. This lets you keep your savings set aside for when you need them most. When you lease with us, you will make a small upfront payment before going on to pay an affordable, recurring cost each month at a rate based upon your personal circumstances and budget. The advantages are not only financial. Leasing can also expose our clients to a whole new range of possibilities. The associated costs of buying a new car often leave only a few affordable options to choose from, but leasing can open you up to entirely new leagues of vehicles. Our clients often find that they can choose from amongst the best cars on the market as well as pair their perfect car with the ideal leasing plan.

Overall, the most enjoyable part of leasing for many of our clients is the purely hassle-free experience that the method provides. Letting go of the financial worries of purchasing a brand new car, as well the stresses and hassles of selling the car second-hand, our clients are able to forget concerns of depreciation and let any unlikely problems be taken care of by us. When the time does come to move onto a new car, our leasing deals allow you to simply hand the car back to us before signing up for another entirely new experience.

A Volvo is a car for individuals. Make yours that little bit more you with a range of customisation options

The car you choose to drive is like the home you choose to buy. It’s an extension of you that tells others what you’re about whilst making you feel as comfortable as possible. So it is important to us that each of our clients is paired with a car that really suits them. This is why we will do all that we can to make sure you are matched with the right car and that you don’t simply settle for the first thing you see.

Perhaps you already have an idea of the car you hope to drive away with. On the other hand, you might like some help finding it. Whatever you position, we will gladly provide you with whatever help you need to find a match. If you like to make quick decisions, then we’ll introduce you to our selection of the most popular Volvo lease deals and models that are already sitting and waiting for you to step into and drive away. Alternatively, if you’re interested in finding something a little more individualised, we will deliver a bespoke service allowing you to customise each of the finer details of the car you choose with a range of personalisation options.

Over years of working closely together, we have developed excellent relationships with each one of the brands and manufacturers that we represent at Vantage Leasing. We work side-by-side with each of our dealerships so that we can, in turn, pass on a range of privileges to you, our client. These include the ability to select the ideal model as well as to go on to fine-tune a whole selection of interior and exterior options from the interior trim to the exterior colour, alloy wheels, and more.

The collection of Volvo cars that we currently offer includes a car for all lifestyles, from smart and salubrious saloons such as the striking S90, to compacted quality cars such as the V40 hatch, to tough yet refined SUVs including the XC60 and the larger XC90. You will find further details on each one of the models we offer by taking a look at the descriptions below. For additional information on each of these models including a review of the Volvo personal leasing contracts we offer, please see the model profiles listed at the top of this page.


The Volvo V40 is a stylish and agile compact hatch designed with urban style that feels right at home in the heart of the city. The V40 is offered in four separate variants, each delivering a range of its own benefits. The V40 Momentum comes with features including Volvo’s pedestrian-friendly city safety feature, 16” alloy wheels, and daytime running lights. The car also features a 5” colour infotainment display as well as an impressive high performance audio system with DAB digital radio and Bluetooth connectivity. The driver-oriented cabin includes a steering wheel with remote controls as well as a full electronic climate control system. The V40 Inscription is the most luxurious variant of the car. It comes with leather-faced upholstery on the inside, whilst on the outside the car packs a set of 17” alloy wheels and LED daytime running lights that also include cornering xenon lights and a clever headlight cleaning system. The V40 R-Design and R-Design Pro variants offer a sportier look and driving response. On the inside, the car features a unique sports upholstery, whilst on the outside it comes with a set of 17” alloy wheels, an aluminium trim pack, and a uniquely designed front grille. If you’re looking for a greater sense of adventure, we’d recommend that you lease a Volvo V40 Cross Country. The car features an off-road inspired design that includes a unique lower front end, grille, and rear diffuser, as well as a set of glossy black door mirrors, roof rails, and an interior trim in Copper Dawn.


The Volvo XC60 is a powerful SUV made for drivers whose lifestyles span both town and country. The car comes with features such as all-wheel drive, hill-descent control and hill-start assist, each giving you extra control when out and about on weekend adventures. The Intellisafe system fitted to the XC60 extends the car’s safety credentials to the people around you, detecting swerving cyclists and pedestrians, preparing the brakes for sudden stops, and even braking for you to avoid impact. The Volvo XC60 comes in two variants. The first is the SE, which comes with a set menu packed with features including Volvo’s city safety technology, a set of LED daytime running lights, 17” alloy wheels, automatically folding wing mirrors with ground lights, and a set of exterior chrome window surrounds. Inside, the XC60 SE comes with an electronic climate control system to keep you cool and calm behind the wheel, cruise control, rear park assist, and a high performance audio system with DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and remote controls right ahead on the steering wheel. Further items include a grocery bag holder, shimmer graphite aluminium trim, upholstery in textile/T-Tec finish, interior tread plates and a handy power-operated tailgate. Lease the Volvo XC60 SE Lux and experience the more luxurious variant, featuring leather-faced upholstery, power-operated driver’s seat, and an 8” TFT infotainment display. Further features include 18” alloy wheels and cornering xenon lights with a headlight cleaning system.


The Volvo V60 is made to cater to drivers who need the practicality of an estate whilst also craving the thrilling drive of a sports car. The car is designed to provide pure and unadulterated driving pleasure, combining speed and performance with a lowered fuel consumption. The four-cylinder engine delivers the kind of power expected of a six or eight cylinder, whilst the gearshift paddles make for faster and more precise gearshifts. The V60 comes in three variants. The V60 Business Edition is designed to fit around you, delivering all the features you would expect from a Volvo. The car comes with Volvo’s city safety technology, as well as LED daytime running lights and a set of 16” alloy wheels. On the inside, the car features a rear park assist function, electronic climate control, cruise control, and a high performance sound system with DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity. Volvo’s Sensus navigation system and steering wheel remote controls are standard on this variant. The SE comes with a frameless, automatically dimming rear view mirror, a grocery bag holder, and shimmer graphite aluminium trim with textile/T-Tec upholstery. Further items include cruise control, interior tread plates, and automatically folding wing mirrors with ground lights. There is a set of 17” alloy wheels and exterior chrome window surrounds. Lastly, lease a Volvo V60 SE Lux and you’ll also enjoy fully leather-faced interior upholstery, a powered driver’s seat, 8” infotainment display, and cornering xenon lights with a headlight cleaning system.


The Volvo S60 delivers excellent handling, exciting driving dynamics, and the high levels of comfort expected of Volvo, all in a beautifully elegant frame. The car boasts sharp steering and faster manual shifting thanks to the gearshift paddles. SE Lux variants offer the choice of three distinct driving modes at the touch of a button so you can adjust your drive to suit the mood or terrain. The car comes in three variants. The S60 Business Edition is made to fit in with your life, offering all of the features that make everyday driving that much better. The S60 comes as standard with Volvo’s city safety technology, and exterior items include 16” alloy wheels and LED daytime running lights providing additional visibility. On the inside, the S60 comes with electronic climate control, cruise control, and a high performance sound system with DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity. There are also steering wheel remote controls, a Sensus navigation system, and rear park assist. Lease a Volvo S60 SE and you’ll also benefit from a frameless, automatically dimming rear view mirror, a grocery bag holder, shimmer graphite aluminium trim, and upholstery in textile/T-Tec finish. The car also comes with cruise control, interior tread plates, and automatically folding wing mirrors with ground lights. On the outside, there is a set of 17” alloy wheels and chrome window surrounds. Lastly, the the most luxurious variant is the SE Lux, which comes with a leather-faced interior as well as a powered driver’s seat and 8” infotainment display. The car also comes with cornering xenon lights with a headlight cleaning function.


The Volvo XC90 is the brand’s premium SUV, bringing a level of luxury and sophistication to family adventure to which few others can compare. The car is designed around the people who will use it, with a high level of technology meeting the family’s demands of style, comfort, and safety. The car comes in three variants. Lease a Volvo XC90 Momentum and experience the sophisticated joy of Scandinavian design throughout every detail of the car. Safety features fitted as standard include the Volvo city safety system with pedestrian and cyclist detection as well as front collision warning with fully automatic braking. There’s also a driver alert system, lane departure warning, and road sign information display. The car’s luxury items include fully leather-faced interior upholstery, a powered driver’s seat with lumbar support to keep you in comfort on long journeys, and cross brushed aluminium inlays. The XC90 also comes with a Sensus navigation system built into a 9” touchscreen infotainment system with adaptive digital display. On the outside, the car features 19” 10-spoke design alloy wheels as well as a powered tailgate with useful handsfree opening. There is also rear park assist and LED Thorhammer active cornering lights. The XC90 Inscription comes with added luxury items for drivers who enjoy further elegance. The car features a soft Nappa leather interior and a uniquely designed front grille. The XC90 R-Design is the sportiest of the three and is designed for drivers who are in it for the thrill. The car has a distinctive and unique look with specially designed R-Design grille, contour sports seats, and matt silver mirror covers.


The Volvo V90 is hailed as the pinnacle of the modern luxury estate, combining both highly practical and beautifully luxurious features to create a truly unique car. The V90’s features include Pilot Assist, which automatically maintains a set speed or distance to the car ahead whilst also gently keeping the car in line with the lane markings on the road. The system uses camera and radar technologies to regulate speed and direction by accelerating, braking, and gently steering for you at speeds of up to 80 mph. A panoramic roof connects the interior of the car to the outside world, whilst a premium sound system from Bowers & Wilkins includes an air-ventilated subwoofer integrated in the car’s structure. The climate control function splits into four zones, letting each quarter of the car set its own individual temperature. The V90 comes in four variants. Lease a Volvo V90 Momentum and as standard you will benefit from a Sensus navigation system, LED headlights, and 17” 7-spoke alloy wheels. The V90 Inscription adds further luxury touches with a Nappa soft leather interior upholstery and 12.3” TFT active driver information display. The car also comes with 18” 10-spoke design alloy wheels. Next up is the sportier R-Design, which comes with features such as sports seats, pedals, and floor mats as well as exterior items including helpful front fog lights and a set of 18” 5-spoke design alloy wheels in matt black diamond cut finish. Lastly, the V90 Cross Country offers a more rugged ride with an additional 65mm ground clearance, 18” 5-spoke design alloy wheels, and silver front and rear skid plates with a high gloss black front grille.


The Volvo S90 marks a new era in Volvo’s design and innovation, combining sharp looks with a wide range of technological features to make driving as easy and enjoyable as possible. The S90 comes with Volvo’s Sensus navigation system as well as Pilot Assist, which helps to regulate your driving for you by accelerating, braking, and gently helping you steer at speeds of up to 80mph. The S90 also offers clever smartphone integration, a premium sound system from Bowers & Wilkins, and climate control split into four separate zones for driver and passengers. You can lease a Volvo S90 in one of four variants. The S90 Momentum comes as standard with fully leather-faced upholstery, LED headlights, and 17” 7-spoke design alloy wheels. Adding some further luxury touches, the S90 Inscription comes with soft Nappa leather upholstery, a 12.3” TFT active driver information display, and a set of 18” 10-spoke design alloy wheels. Lastly, the sportier R-Design adds sports seats, pedals, and floor mats as well as fog lights at the front end. The 18” 5-spoke design alloy wheels come in matt black diamond cut finish.

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