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Tesla was founded in 2003 by the American entrepreneurs' Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard, the name referring to the Serbian American inventor Nikola Tesla. Originally formed to design an electric sports car Tesla was funded to the value of more than $30 million from various funders including PayPal co-founder Elon Musk.

Five years later Tesla released their first fully electric roadster in 2008 that achieved 245 miles on a single charge, a range unknown in electric car production at that time. Powered by lithium-ion cells (commonly known for use in laptop batteries) the Roadster could reach 0-60mph under an impressive 4 seconds, thanks to a super-lightweight body made from carbon fibre. Production of the roadster stopped in 2012 to focus their efforts on creating the Model S, cleverly carrying the battery underneath the car's body floor providing additional space and improved low handling. Charging ports also became available to Tesla drivers in public for free around the United States in 2012.

Next up the Model X was Tesla's crossover vehicle that launched in 2015 with a maximum battery range of 295 miles and the capability to seat up to seven passengers. It was around this time that Tesla also began branching out in the solar energy arena, producing a line of batteries that store electric power from solar energy in businesses and homes.

Get a taste for a luxury electric car to suit your budget

When you think about updating your car you most likely think of the major financial commitment that you will be making to buy a new car outright. You needn’t worry as there are plenty of alternative options available to you, including leasing. We’re not saying that purchasing a new car doesn’t have its benefits, but the disadvantages far outweigh them.

Have you considered leasing a car before? With leasing, you won’t be losing money as soon as you drive your car away from the parking lot, as you would when buying a new car in full. When leasing a Tesla with Vantage Leasing you reap the benefits of a brand new electric performance car with a manageable, affordable monthly payment agreement with no unexpected upfront costs. Our range of Tesla leasing deals provides a range of advantages that car buyers cannot enjoy. By leasing a new car with Vantage Leasing you are getting the best deals on the market and are given access to a wide range of luxury vehicles on the market for an affordable, consistent ongoing monthly rate. You can also save extra money by opting in on a maintenance package for your new vehicle, so all you have to worry about paying for in addition is your car insurance. When your lease period is over you simply hand back your car and move on to your next dream car.

Drive the Tesla of your dreams with a car package tailored to your needs

You embark on the journey to secure your dream Tesla leasing deal before you even arrive at the Vantage Leasing forecourt. We aim to have a selection of the best available Tesla leasing deals waiting for you to step into and drive away with a sustainable electric car that meets all of your needs, tastes, and personality.

When you visit us in person, our expert team will be delighted to show you around the vehicles we currently have parked and waiting for you to fall in love with. Being experts in the industry, however, we also know that the car you choose is an incredibly personal decision. That’s why we don’t just offer our cars on an off-the-shelf basis, but also as a bespoke design service that allows you to specify exactly what you want from your car and to order it directly from one of our trusted UK Tesla dealerships. We have built fantastic relationships with the Tesla dealerships we work with, making it possible for us to pass on to you the best Tesla has to offer. You will be given the option to pick all of the finer details of the car of your choice, before going on to select one of our highly desirable and competitive Tesla leasing deals.

To find further information on the Tesla models that we currently offer, please continue to the sections below. If you wish to find any additional information on the models we have available, please navigate through to the individual car pages listed at the top of this page.

Tesla X

The new Tesla X Model is a modern SUV bringing futuristic design to the forefront of the electric car industry. Available in five signature colours the Tesla X Model features an incredibly aerodynamic spoiler and futuristic Falcon Wing Doors that open sideways and upwards to allow for ample accessibility. The Tesla Model X has been awarded a full five stars for safety and is big enough to fit seven adult passengers. There is plenty of storage room in this classy electric SUV with the Tesla Model X having a whopping 2,487 litres of maximum storage. The new Tesla Model X has a maximum travel range of up to 314 miles running on a single charge. If you are short of time it takes just 15 minutes to recharge 111miles worth of travel at a Supercharger location, with more than 16,000 Supercharge stops placed around the world. Technology doesn't stop there as Tesla's Autopilot advances safety system will practically drive the car for you with 360-degree visibility and 12 Ultrasonic sensors that can assist with parking, detect nearby vehicles and stop any collisions from happening. Inside the Tesla Model X the innovative interior has been designed around the driver with a seven-seat configuration option, flat-fold seats for maximum storage space, the largest glass panoramic windshield with solar tinting, and an immersive 17-inch expansive touch screen display.

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is built with safety first in mind. The car is a rigid structure made from aluminium and steel with front impact protection and a very low rollover risk giving the Tesla Model 3 a 5-star safety rating for adults, children, and pedestrians alike. Safety features fitted on the Model 3 include a front-facing radar that can read objects up to 160 metres ahead. Rear, side and forward-facing cameras to provide 360-degree visibility while 12 Ultrasonic sensors detect nearby vehicles, assist with parking, and can prevent any possible collisions before they happen. The new Tesla Model 3 is a fully electric car that you can charge overnight at home or on the road at any Tesla charging network. A full battery charge will last up to 348 miles and it only takes a quick 30 minutes to recharge 170 miles at a Supercharger location. At present, there are more than 16,000 Superchargers placed on popular travel routes around the globe. Inside the Tesla Model 3 is just as pleasing as its futuristic exterior design. At the centre of the action, there is a large 15-inch touchscreen display and a luxurious glass roof from front to back that offers spacious headroom equipped with clever UV protection. For a sports car, there is ample storage space with 425 litres of boot space and extra storage can be found underneath the bonnet.

Tesla Model S

The new Tesla S Model is an all-electric performance saloon that powers through any weather conditions thanks to its clever Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, adaptive air suspension, and ridiculous acceleration speed, that allows you to catapult from 0-60 mph as quickly as 2.3 seconds with top speeds of 162 mph! Built with safety at the forefront of design the Tesla Model S includes front-impact and side-impact protection with a floor-mounted battery pack with first-class impact protection, leaving you safe from all angles. The clever battery allows up to 379 miles of driving on one single charge while the Tesla S takes just 15 minutes to recharge up to 133 miles when using one of 16,000+ Supercharger locations around the world. Screaming style from the inside out the Tesla S interior cabin seats up to 5 adults in sheer luxury. From a 17-inch expansive touch screen display, a standard glass roof provides overhead views expanding the spacious interior with unparalleled noise engineering that recreates the feeling of being in a recording studio. When it comes to storage space there is a whopping 804 litres available, which is more cargo room than most SUVs! Available in 5 signature colours the Tesla Model S is designed for speed and efficiency. Classed as the most aerodynamic car in its class the Model S adds swagger with automatic door handles that auto-present themselves upon approach to the car. You can even add roof rails to the expansive glass roof for adventure lovers or additional storage space on longer journeys.

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