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Mercedes Leasing

Mercedes Leasing & Contract Hire

Vantage Leasing can offer you a variety of lease deals on various Mercedes cars. Prestigious car leasing is what we are all about here at Vantage Leasing and we are proud to supply Mercedes vehicles to a whole array of clients. Whether you require a personal leasing deal or require a business hire package then please do not hesitate to call us now. We have experienced account managers on hand now who can guide you through the leasing options available on the Mercedes range.

Mercedes-Benz Background

Before you decide whether a Mercedes lease is right for you, have a read through the information on this page which details the brand’s history, the current range of models we have available to lease, and information on driving experience and Mercedes’ design.

Mercedes-Benz’s illustrious history began with Karla and Bertha Benz, the husband and wife business team who, respectively, designed and financed the what is widely acknowledged to be the world’s first automobile powered by gasoline.

The patent for this vehicle was filed in 1886 and Bertha became the first person to drive an automobile for a long distance. People were amazed at the technology and the rest, you could very accurately say, is history. These are impressive accolades to have behind your brand, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Their new vehicle was marketed for the first time in 1901, by Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (Daimler Motors Corporation). When Karl Benz's company merged with Gottlieb Daimler's, the Daimler-Benz company was formed. Mercedes remains today a division of the Daimler company.

Mercedes’ motto, The Best Or Nothing, underpins all of the company’s efforts: the brand that has represented quality and luxury ever since. The engineering behind all models they've created in their history reflects the pioneering spirit that led to the creation of the brand in the first place.

A cornerstone in the corporate car park and the vehicle of choice for several Popes, Mercedes signifies distinction in any demographic. Deciding to lease a Mercedes could see you driving a car in the same league as these big hitters!

Driving Experience

There is variation in driving experience across the range: the A-Class will offer a comfortable, safe and reassuring drive in urban environments with reasonable consumption and emissions, but it doesn't have the capacity to take you to 200+ mph. The AMG GT, on the other hand, can happily perform this task (in legal settings, obviously!). The breadth of the range means that every driving style is reflected somewhere, whether your priority is urban on-road or technical off-road.

What doesn't vary though, is the imagery that Mercedes cars conjure up: cars that are solid, reliable, attractive, comfortable, powerful, pleasurable to drive. These are cars which have been developed for over a century - each model is the culmination of world class engineering and years of development, tweaking, and feedback.

If you’re thinking of leasing a Mercedes in the UK, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed by the driving experience.

Build and Design

Mercedes is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, and has factories all over the world building its various models. The Mercedes Grand Prix factory is based in the UK, as is the Mercedes-Benz High-Performance Engines, where formula one engines are built. Other models are assembled all over the world: Vietnam assembles E-Class, C-Class, S-Class, GLK-Class and Sprinter, buses are assembled in Colombia, and the A-Series is manufactured in Finland, to name but a few.

Mercedes is a truly global brand that has grown impressively to be universally renowned since its launch over a hundred years ago.

To discuss your Mercedes lease deal give us a call, email, or get in touch with the live chat! We’ll be happy to help.

Unlike some other car leasing companies, the price you see above is the price you will pay for your Mercedes lease deal each month. There are no hidden charges such as processing fees that you often see elsewhere.

We offer Mercedes business lease and Mercedes contract hire, and if you can't find what you are looking for, just call one of our friendly team who will help configure the right Mercedes leasing deal for you.

So if you want to lease a Mercedes, Mercedes lease UK specialists Vantage Leasing will be delighted to help find the perfect fit for you. We have over 200 Mercedes-Benz leasing deals covering the full spectrum of the Mercedes range. From E-Class to C Class lease deals and everything else in between, we are confident you'll drive away with the right Mercedes lease deal for you.

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