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Leasing options on the Mercedes A-Class

Lease a Mercedes A-Class today with Vantage Leasing, we have a variety of Mercedes A-Class’s available with deals suitable for both business or personal leasing budgets.

Vantage Leasing will find the most suitable Mercedes B-Class for you, prices start from just £214.57 for the A180, 5 door 1.6 SE, over a 4-year leasing period. Whatever your requirement for a Mercedes A-Class, you can be assured we will find the most suitable deal for you.

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A-Class beginnings

Generations of the Mercedes A-Class have been released, over the years, dating back to 1997, 2004 and more recently in 2012. The original A-Class was launched as a 5-door hatchback whilst the second generation A-Class was a 3-door hatchback, the final release of the A-Class has grown by 27 inches!

The new Mercedes A-Class has developed into an attractive looking car, both inside and out there’s no mistaking the Mercedes brand of quality.

Driving the A-Class

The new Mercedes A-Class offers a supportive and comfortable driving experience, suitable for distance or shorter trips.

One of the first things you’ll notice, as the driver, is just how adaptable everything is to your needs. It’s not on par with other Mercedes models when it comes to a smooth suspension and noise isolation but there’s an adaptive suspension option that results in a noticeable difference.

The dashboard offers a high quality array of options with everything appearing and acting solid without losing any of the usual Mercedes attractiveness. Pushing through the gears is simple and gives a slick feel when moving forwards.

Look out for the addition of the new ‘Dynamic Select’ button, available in the newly revamped A-Class. When pressed you’ll notice an all-round sportier feel as the steering becomes more responsive along with the accelerator.

A-Class fuel economy

Not a leader in its field when it comes to fuel economy is the A-Class, it’s with the A180d that most efficiency has been reported, returning 80mpg.

Though, on today’s modern roads you should expect a reasonable 50-55mpg from the diesel models and around 40-50mpg from the petrol models.

A-Class equipment

As with many of the other Mercedes models there are a vast array of additions you can have placed within your A-Class, ensuring you’ve your very own tailored and personalised driving experience.

With the A-Class you are still able to choose the shade of paint, parking functionality options and any alloy upgrades you require.

For further information, give us a call and speak to one of our experienced account managers, Vantage Leasing are more than happy to walk you through the list of optional extras available for this great vehicle.

A-Class reliability

Most car manufacturers struggle to keep up with Mercedes when it comes to reliability. Not only do you have the security of the standard reliable Mercedes engine and body, but a 3-year warranty too, that doesn’t consider your mileage.


The Mercedes A-Class has performed well when undergoing the NCAP crash tests. It’s not known as being one of the safest cars but it is certainly a contender for a high safety score.

The A-Class is packed with safety features, and has intelligent options that prevent skids, aid braking has an automatic bonnet lift when pedestrian impact occurs.


If you want reliability, safety and a good performing car then you’ll find the Mercedes A-Class is right for you.

Lease a Mercedes A-Class with Vantage Leasing today for the opportunity to own and run one of the most reliable and trusted hatchbacks on the road.

Remember – The Mercedes A-Class can be yours for the prices you see above, there are no hidden charges, processing fees and delivery is free.

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