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A car you can be proud to drive

Ford’s legacy began when Henry Ford was born on 30th July 1863. Growing up in Wayne County, Michigan, Ford took an early interest in mechanics and, by the time he was midway through his teens, he was already building steam engines.

Ford’s name is now synonymous with the motoring industry. His methods of production line assembly and his commitment to fair pay for workers made car ownership a realistic and affordable dream for the ordinary American for the first time. The first Ford engine, fitted to the Quadricycle in 1896, led to the long and successful legacy that his company continues to develop today.

Not only did Ford change the way that cars were made, sold, and bought, but the company has also produced some of the most iconic designs in motoring history. Earlier cars such as the Model T and Lincoln Zephyr led to classics such as the Thunderbird and Mustang; the Transit, Fiesta, and Mondeo; and the modern supermini classic KA.

Leasing: pay less for more

Balancing the need for a reliable new car with your personal financial constraints can be a difficult act. Whilst on the one hand you would like the best that you can find on the market, on the other hand you have to make a responsible financial decision. The Ford leasing deals on offer at Vantage Leasing allow you to choose from amongst the newest Ford cars on the market for an affordable monthly cost that won’t swallow up your savings. The traditional route of buying a new car means making a major sacrifice of capital in the short-term and, eventually, another major loss when you come to sell the car at a considerably depreciated rate. When you lease a Ford, there’s no need to worry about making any losses whatsoever. Leasing simply means making an affordable monthly payment for the duration of the lease and, when the contract ends, you are free to hand back the car without any further financial worries or the hassle of selling the car second-hand.

Choose the Ford that’s right for you

We always aim to have a wide selection of the most popular Ford cars ready and waiting for you to drive away. Our selection of Ford leasing contracts ranges from the city-slicker KA to the sporty Kuga SUV; the classic muscle car Mustang to the eminently practical Transit; the family-friendly Galaxy, C-Max, and S-Max, and the two favourites of the British roads - the Fiesta and Focus.

Come along to the Vantage forecourt and you’ll find a good selection of our best Ford contract hire deals already waiting for you. However, if you can’t see the exact car you’re after, then just let us know exactly what you’re after and we’ll get it delivered straight from a Ford dealership. You will be able to specify the model, colour, and all the finer details of the car you want, and we’ll be able to get hold of it from amongst the best dealerships in the country before setting up a competitive leasing deal especially tailored to you.

Continue below to read some further information on Ford and the range of cars that we currently offer. If you would like to dig any deeper into any of the cars listed here, simply click through to the individual pages listed above.


Choose a Ford B-Max contract hire deal with Vantage Leasing and you’ll be driving Ford’s most contemporary urban MPV at a strikingly affordable price. The B-Max began with clever design. Amongst its most noticeable features are the structural pillars integrated into the side doors. Where the pillars would usually divide the front and rear of the car when the doors are opened, with the B-Max there are no obstructions to get in your way. The car’s looks are added to with automatic headlights, a high gloss front grille with standout chrome surround, and a body colour rear spoiler. Inside, the B-Max is designed with elegance and space is mind. Its high quality materials and subtle colours contrast with neat chrome detailing and the full-length panoramic sunroof fills the interior with natural light. Adding to the practicality of the B-Max, the car’s rear seats fold flat, providing a load space with a potential of 2.35m in length. The premium centre console includes Ford SYNC and a driver’s armrest, whilst the leather gearshift and manual air conditioning add to the luxuriousness of the drive. Further features include Active City Stop to help soften or avoid collision at low speed and Hill Start Assist to prevent the car from rolling backwards when making a hill start. The rear view camera and parking sensors make manoeuvring simple, and Torque Vectoring Control keeps the car’s power balanced by reacting to the road 100 times per second. Clever power steering automatically adjusts to the driving conditions, becoming lighter in the city and firmer on the motorway, whilst cruise control takes the monotony out of long-distance driving. You’ll also drive more economically with Ford’s Auto-Start-Stop feature, which cuts out the engine when at a standstill.

C-Max & Grand C-Max

A Ford C-Max leasing deal helps calm the hassle of family life whilst helping you to keep on top of your outgoings. The 5-seat C-Max and 7-seat Grand C-Max are made with families in mind. The C-Max features a range of advanced technologies to save both time and effort, and is available with a hands-free tailgate that can be opened by bag-laden parents by waving a foot under the rear bumper. The C-Max’s handy ‘walk-through’ feature provides easy access to the rear seats, and its configurable interior enables families to get the most out of the space inside. Sync 3 - the C-Max’s intelligent interface system - includes an 8” touchscreen with large buttons and familiar pinch-to-zoom gesture controls. Connect your smartphone with AppLink, CarPlay, or Android Auto. There’s no need to worry about tricky parking with the C-Max as Active Park Assist helps navigate the car into spaces and will even detect a space and help steer into it. Use Side Parking Aid to warn you of any dangers, and Park Out Assist to help drive out of the space. Change gears quickly with the Automatic Paddle Shift Controls located on the steering wheel, and save fuel with Ford PowerShift - an advanced six-speed gearbox that selects the next gear for you, shifting seamlessly and lowering CO2 emissions. Further driving technologies include Lane Keeping Aid and cruise control, and safety features include Cross Traffic Alert to let you know of any oncoming dangers and Driver Alert to monitor the driver’s sleepiness on long journeys. Traffic Sign Recognition spots all the signs you might miss, and displays new speed limits and messages on the instrument cluster so you never miss an alert. The C-Max is designed for a comfortable and easy ride, with features such as key-free entry, start-stop engine control, automatic wipers and a panoramic sunroof all included.


Lease the Ford EcoSport and you’ll experience an entirely new kind of SUV. Compact on the outside, spacious and well-equipped on the inside; the EcoSport drives comfortably, powerfully, and efficiently. The EcoSport’s hands-free SYNC technology lets you make and receive calls, play songs from a USB or MP3/iPod, or stream music via Bluetooth, all with the sound of your voice. Powershift makes hill starts simple, and an optional rear view camera shows whatever is behind you on the built-in screen, providing guidelines to help you manoeuvre into place. Parking sensors take the stress out of parking, and the cruise control feature helps make longer journeys less tiring. The LED signature lights make a bold statement on the road, and the shift indicator on the instrument panel makes for more fuel efficient gear changes. The lumbar-supporting driver’s seat is adjustable six-ways, and the driver’s seat can be heated with the optional Winter Pack. Key-free entry makes driving even less hassle, and flexible seating and a removable storage shelf allow for plenty of luggage to be stored in the rear. Further handy features include electric power-assisted steering, making control lighter when parking and firmer on the motorway; electronic automatic temperature control that allows you to set the ideal temperature for both you and your passenger; 17 storage compartments for all the items you’ll need with you on family daytrips; Quickclear technology to de-ice, de-mist, and de-fog the windscreen with the touch of a button; and wing mirrors that heat up in cold weather.


When you choose a Ford Fiesta contract hire deal, you’ll drive away the UK’s best-selling car of all time. The latest in the long line of Fiestas is bang up to date, with features including keyless entry, single-touch start, and a Sony DAB radio/CD system all included. Reverse safely and simply with the aid of a rear-view reversing camera with guidelines to help you park more accurately, and use the inbuilt sensors to ensure you’re aware of any obstacles out of sight. Electric power-assisted steering adapts to different conditions, making the steering lighter when parking and firmer when driving on the motorway, whilst cruise controls lets you take your foot off the pedal on longer trips. Ford Sync with Voice Control and AppLink lets you makes calls and control the audio system with simple voice commands, and Emergency Assistance allows any occupant of the car to make emergency calls. An integrated sat-nav system with 5” screen and DAB radio responds to real-time driving conditions to deliver accurate estimated arrival times, and Quickclear helps clear the windscreen in icy, foggy, or misty conditions. Ambient lighting makes for a more comfortable driving experience, whilst the Electronic Automatic Temperature Control system allows you to select your desired temperature, maintaining it with advanced air conditioning. The centre console lets you control many of the car’s features from just one place, and automatic headlights switch on and off as required. For extra comfort, the Fiesta’s front seats are fully adjustable and, as an added option, can also be heated to keep you cosy in cold weather.


At Vantage Leasing, we have a number of Ford Focus personal contract hire deals to offer. The Focus, now more sophisticated than ever, is packed with useful features such as Sync 3, Ford’s most powerful interface to date. Use Sync 3’s 8” touchscreen with simple gestures and connect with AppLink, CarPlay, and Android Auto. Park with ease using Ford’s Active Park Assist, and change gears without fuss using the automatic paddle shifts on the steering wheel. PowerShift - a six-speed gearbox combining the control of manual with the convenience of automatic - pre-selects your next gear for quicker, smoother gear changes and reduced emissions. Cross Traffic Alert looks out for dangers you might not be able to spot, and the Auto High Beam function adjusts the headlights to keep you from dazzling other drivers on the road. Driver Alert senses when you are tired and suggests taking a short break, whilst the Lane Keeping System keeps you from accidentally drifting into the next lane. Further features include cruise control, Distance Indication, and smart headlamps. In the cabin, the steering wheel puts a number of the most important controls at your fingertips, and the centre console includes space to store smartphones as well as USB connection points for power and connectivity. Enter the Focus key-free and start up with the touch of a button. As the weather changes, watch the wipers automatically adjust to the conditions. Clever wing mirrors fold in to protect themselves when parked, and Quickclear cleans the windscreen of ice with a simple button control.


For years a family favourite, take out a Ford Galaxy leasing deal and you’ll join families across the country in one of the most popular cars on the road. Available in all-wheel drive the Galaxy can handle conditions from wet and icy to dry and dusty without a problem. Discreet cameras on the outside project images of the road ahead and to either side onto the touchscreen, giving you a clear view of the obstacles around you. Park and drive away without stress using Active Park Assist and Park Out Assist, and use Hill Start Assist to ensure you don’t move backwards when starting on steep slopes. Automatically adapting cruise control keeps you at the right speed at the right time and safety features keep both passengers and pedestrians safe. On the inside, benefit from seats that provide added support and massage function. Multi-contour seats also come with individual climate control. Intelligent Speed Assist helps to keep you driving within the speed limit, whilst the driving experience is made easy using a start button, hands-free tailgate access, and key-free entry. Ford’s Sync 3 system with 8” touch screen features simple gesture controls and compatibility with AppLink, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, and an eight-speaker audio system comes as standard with an optional Premium system with 12 Sony speakers available.


Enjoy a new, economical, and spacious design when you take out a Ford KA leasing deal. The new KA comes with features including helpful parking sensors ideally suited to tight city driving, as well as cruise control and a speed limiter on the Zetec model. Hill starts are made much simpler with the KA’s Hill Start Assist function, and traction control ensures your supermini remains in control at all times. Electronic power assisted steering adapts automatically to low and high-speed driving styles, and cleverly designed headlamps with daytime running lights ensure the KA is highly visible at all times. Inside, Ford Sync lets you control audio and make calls using voice command functions, whilst music can be streamed via Bluetooth or a USB connection. Cleverly store smartphones or navigation devices in the MyFord Dock at the top of the centre console. Further features include electronic automatic temperature control and optional heated front seats to keep you warm in the winter months. Power folding mirrors help avoid accidental damage when parked, and Emergency Assistance makes an automatic call to the emergency services in the event of an accident. As well as driver and passenger airbags, there are side airbags with thorax protection and curtain airbags for improved head protection.


Lease a Ford Kuga from Vantage Leasing and you’ll enjoy contemporary design, exceptional performance, and the utmost efficiency all at an affordable monthly rate. The Kuga comes packed with exciting features including All-Wheel Drive, making the car the perfect choice for those with an adventurous side. Drive through wet, dry, or icy conditions and the Kuga will keep you firmly on track. Helpful technologies include a forward-facing camera that keeps an eye on oncoming traffic, road signs, and lane markings; Driver Alert to detect any changes in the driver’s behaviour and to suggest taking a break when necessary; and headlamps that automatically adjust to suit different conditions. The rear-view camera keeps an eye out for obstacles when reversing, and parking sensors let you know how much space you have when parking. An integrated navigation system with 8” touchscreen keeps you on the right path, and Hill Start Assist gives a helping hand when starting up-hill. On the interior, advanced hands-free technology with voice control and touchscreen lets you make calls, control audio, and operate your smartphone’s music functions via USB or Bluetooth connections. Comfort is key, with a heated steering wheel and heated front seats included along with a panoramic sunroof for a lighter atmosphere. Audio is supplied through a premium Sony system, and keyless entry makes life that little bit easier.


We have several competitive Ford Mondeo personal leasing contracts available, making this staple of the British roads very comfortably affordable. The Mondeo’s new streamlined silhouette and sophisticated technology have brought it firmly into the current. Features include hands-free Sync 3 technology for controlling music and calls with simple voice commands and a stylish 8” touchscreen as well as a rear-view camera to help with parking in tricky spots. Headlamps that look around the bend before the car reaches the far end make night-time visibility much greater, and a Blind Spot Information System helps the driver to change lanes more safely on the motorway. Park without the pressure using Active Park Assist and drive away in confidence with Park Out Assist. Come winter, clear the windscreen quickly and easily with Quickclear electronic defrosting, and enjoy an airier feel to your drive with the car’s full panoramic sunroof. Set the mood at nighttime with ambient lighting in a choice of eight soothing colours and keep the temperature comfortable with dual-zone Electronic Automatic Temperature Control. Power-foldable mirrors avoid any nasty scrapes and scratches to the car’s extremities, and the car’s unique rear inflatable seat-belts help further reduce the likelihood of injury to rear passengers.


The ability to choose a Ford Mustang personal contract hire deal is the option to turn a fantasy into reality. This iconic car has been updated for the next generation, whilst maintaining its standing as one of the best performing, most impressive muscle cars on the market. With cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art tech built in, the new Ford Mustang is a must-drive for anyone with a hunger for the open road. The new Mustang is made for driving whatever the weather or terrain, with four drive modes including Normal, Sport Plus, Track, and Snow/Wet to select from. Each adjust the car’s handling and throttle response to the environment, working with a stiffened body structure, intelligent suspension systems, and precision wheel control to ensure you always ride in comfort. The Shaker Pro Audio System with DAB+ radio and CD/MP3 player plays through twelve speakers and an eight-inch subwoofer in the boot. Control the sound hands-free using voice control, and use the touchscreen to navigate key functions from your smartphone or navigation system. Drive effortlessly with Electronic Power-Assisted Steering, and use Hill Start Assist to help set off smoothly on an incline. A unique feature to the Mustang, Electronic Line-Lock provides a dramatic set-off by depressing the brake pedal to lock the front wheels before releasing it and hitting the accelerator to allow the rear wheels to spin freely for 15 seconds. Keyless entry makes for a more hassle-free experience, whilst a rear-view camera ensures you’re able to avoid accidental damage when reversing. Set the temperature and the mood with Dual-Zone Climate Control and ambient lighting, and experience the uninterrupted joy of driving as the car automatically handles the wipers and headlights as required.


Intelligent technologies, practicality and styling all combine to make a Ford S-Max lease the perfect choice for those living an active lifestyle. Practicality is foremost amongst the S-Max’s many features, with All-Wheel Drive enabling you to drive comfortably on various terrains and Electronic Power-Assisted Steering adjusting to your speed and driving conditions. An optional forward-facing camera provides a clear view of what’s around on the multi-function display, helping you out with narrow parking spaces and busy roads. Park and pull out without stress using the Active Park Assist and Park Out Assist functions, and reverse with confidence using the rear-view camera. Bathe in natural light beneath the panoramic sunroof whilst the interior temperature is kept comfortable with automatic temperature control. Fold down the second and third row seats at the touch of a button to open up enough storage space for a weekend’s adventuring and load up the boot easily with the hands-free tailgate. The S-Max is started with the touch of a button, and hands-free voice commands and a premium sound system with 12 Sony speakers puts the car at the forefront of in-car tech advancements. Safety comes first with the S-Max’s Pre-Collision Assist system and headlamps with optional Adaptive lighting to help see around bends at night. At the rear, children are kept extra safe with ISOFIX child seat attachment points fitted to each of the three second row seats.

Tourneo Connect

There are plenty of smart features to benefit from when you lease a Ford Tourneo Connect. Practical items include traffic sign recognition technology to help you keep an eye on your speed, as well as a Lane Keeping System to prevent you from veering into the next lane on the motorway. Enjoy peace of mind when reversing when you use the optional rear view camera, and listen out for helpful audio warnings as you park thanks to the parking distance sensors located around the vehicle. Automatic headlights and rain-sensing wipers come as an optional extra or as standard with the Titanium, whilst auto high beam also comes as an optional addition with the Lane Keeping System package. Enjoy a less stressful driving style with the Tourneo Connect’s Cruise Control with Adjustable Speed Limiter, saving fuel and maintaining your speed for you so that you don’t have to worry about it. For your comfort and convenience, the car includes hands-free infotainment technology for using the phone and controlling audio, and the flexible seating system complements a host of other practical considerations such as a centre console with cup holder, laptop space, Aux-in and USB ports, and a 12V socket. A panoramic sunroof and optional heated driver seat ensure the drive is always a pleasure, whilst the twin sliding rear doors provide easy access to the second row seats.

Transit Courier

Delivering a range of practical features within a classic design, a Ford Transit Courier leasing deal is the obvious choice for getting business sorted. Technologies include Ford Sync hands-free calling and audio control as well as a rear-view parking camera and helpful parking sensor system. Cruise control with Adjustable Speed Limit Device allows you to set a predetermined speed limit, save fuel and keep you within the speed limit without you having to think about it. An exceptionally tight turning circle of 10.5 metres can be made with just 2.6 turns of the steering wheel, making parking and manoeuvrability easier than ever. Store devices such as sat-nav, smartphones or MP3 players in the USB-connected MyFord dock, and store folders and other items in the deep centre console storage space. Optional Electronic Automatic Temperature Control keeps the cabin cosy all year round, and Quickclear windscreen-clearing technology ensures you need never be late for work on icy mornings. Automatic wipers and clever headlights that detect failing light at dusk take away responsibility for the little things that can really make a difference when driving, and a choice of eight Car Entertainment Packs with AM/FM radio and USB/Aux-in connectivity ensures you are never short of something to listen to keep you entertained on your commute.

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